6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 11th February 2018

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 11th February 2018

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Special Collection for Lourdes Pilgrimage Fund

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Today is the last Sunday before Lent.  Are you as prepared for Lent as you were for Christmas?  I suspect not! We like the happy things don’t we and the serious stuff a bit less.  Yet, in fact, Lent is a special time in which we can grow closer to God and deepen our faith so that by the time we get to Holy Week and Easter we are ready for lift off.
Lent was originally, a time of accelerated preparation for the catechumens who were to be baptised at the Easter Vigil.  It would be a real effort on their part to leave their old selves behind and prepare to be recreated in the waters of the font.  Over time the Bishops felt that it would set a good example to the catechumens if the whole church went into training beside them.  A kind of solidarity, I suppose, but also a good thing for even long standing christians, to get back to basics and check whether their lives are still aligned with the Faith.

The simple truth of the matter is that we all can slip into laxity and a certain sloppiness in our approach to our faith and Lent is an opportunity to reflect on our lives as they really are.  So repentance will be required as asked for by both John the Baptist and Jesus.  Remember, repent does not mean “be sorry” although it may have an element of that about it.  It really means “change” – change for the better.  Turn over a new leaf, reconnect with what is good and true and beautiful and leave behind old ways that do not lead to life.

My advice is to do something of everything.  Give up something.  Cut down on other things.  Take up something too.  If the glass of wine is beginning to beckon every evening and soon becomes a bottle, leave that aside during Lent.  If working all the hours God sends is your issue try to work to provide a better work/home life balance.  If there is something you have been putting off doing – why not take it up now?  Something creative, prayerful, life-giving of course not something that further divides your time away from family and friends.

I wish you all a most happy Lent.  Father David

Entry forms for the 300 club should be returned as soon as possible to be included in all the draws for the year.  Return entries by putting them in the collection at a Sunday mass or direct to the parish office in Cranleigh.

Kids Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party

Change of venue to Bramley Parish Rooms

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Come along to our great Shrove Tuesday Pancake party in the Bramley Parish Meeting Room from 3.30 – 5.30pm.  We will be serving pancakes throughout.

Bring a bean bag/cushion and there will be a kiddie appropriate film to watch.

An entry fee of £2 per child will go towards supplies and the remainder to the Parish Hall Building Fund.

Parents must accompany their children please.

Rsvp jcromcloud@icloud.com by 9th Feb for numbers please


This year the interdenominational service will be held at our Catholic Church in Cranleigh at 10.30am.  The theme is “ALL GOD’S CREATION IS VERY GOOD”.  The service has been written by the Christian women of SURINAME and is open to everyone.  It is not just for women.  Let us have a good representation from our church, offering a warm welcome to all.   TEA/COFFEE/BISCUITS will be served from 10am in the Parish Room BEFORE the service but NOT AFTERWARDS.

Marmalade and Cake Sale on Sunday 25th February

I will be selling marmalade and cakes in aid of the new Parish Room after the 9am Mass in Bramley on Sunday 25th February. If anyone would like to donate cakes please bring them to Bramley Parish Room before Mass on the day. If there is anything left I will bring them to sell after the 11am Mass in Cranleigh.  Thanks, Bridget Eacott (Tel 892406).

The St Cuthbert Mayne Quiz is taking place on Friday 2nd March from 7.30pm.  Tickets are £13.00 per person including a Fish & Chip Supper.  This is open to everyone and so if the Cranleigh Parish would like to join please contact Tracy in the Parish Office who can organise a table.  It’s a great evening of entertainment and a chance to flex your general knowledge muscles just a little!

Calling all singers to join the choir to sing Holy Week music

The rehearsals will be in Bramley every Monday evening from 8pm to 9pm starting Monday 12 February.  The final full rehearsal will be at Cranleigh on Saturday 24th March starting at 2pm.   Everyone is welcome.

Please support Pepe Swift as she prepares to run a half marathon on 26th Feb raising money for Alzheimer’s research. Any donations would be gratefully received and can be made through her Just Giving Page

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pepe-swift.   Good Luck Pepe!

Lent commences on Wednesday 14th February.  There will be a Mass with imposition of Ashes in Cranleigh at 10am and Bramley at 8pm.

The next Parish Lunch at Bramley will be held in the Parish Room at Bramley on Tuesday 27th February after the 11.30 Mass.  Come and enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch with coffee and wine and good company.  If you would like to come please sign the notice in either church porch or telephone Anne on 274466.  If you would like a lift please telephone Anne.

Open the Book: Join the team?

The Open the Book team acts out bible stories during assemblies at Cuthbert Maine, Park Mead and Cranleigh CofE school.

Whether you can help once a month, or every week, we always welcome new actors for our Open the Book team! While Pam looks great in a beard, we especially need more men on our team! We go into schools on Monday mornings (8:15-9:15am), Monday afternoons (1-2pm) and Thursday mornings (8:30-9:20am). Contact Gabrielle Clarke at gabrielle@stnicolascranleigh.org.uk, or call 01483 616296 for more information.

Parish Talents Night

Paul Lepki is looking for a couple of people to help in organising the Parish Talent Night i.e any aspect of arrangements, and publicity for attendees and willing performers!

I personally would also like to find some people to perform a song or two with (I can play bass and drums, but not at the same time 😉

No dates/venues yet – it’s still all up for discussion.

I may have chatted with a few of you at the beer tasting last May and at the recent welcomers sessions.

I’m a Bramley regular and occasionally can be spotted in Cranleigh on Saturday evening at the 6pm. (You may recognise me from my part-lapsed Mancunian accent.)

If you’re interested in this in any capacity please let myself and/or Tracy know.   paullepki@gmail.com.

2018 Social Events A small team met on 24th Jan to discuss various social events which could take place in 2018 and came up with some options.  If you would be willing to organise, promote and facilitate any of the events please speak with Tracy in the Parish Office who will support you.

  1. Trevor Keena to organise a Parish Quiz in April or May.
  2. Paul Lepki to organise a Parish Talent Night.
  3. Open opportunity for a team to organise a Parish Picnic on a Sunday at a local green space in the summer.
  4. Bingo:  Eileen Keena to liaise with Jane Graham for a monthly Bingo event to be held alongside the over 50’s coffee morning.
  5. Open opportunity for a team to organise a late afternoon Family Bingo event
  6. Tracy Laffar to advertise and organise a Coach trip to 25th May Big Church Day Out in Brighton.
  7. CAMEO: Katherine Bergin to organise next event on 6th March.
  8. Open opportunity to organise a STM Shared supper
  9. Find a team to organise a Youth Group once a month for Years 9, 10 & 11 for a Saturday evening event with Parishoners input such as “learn how to cook the essential curry”, “learn how to bake the essential cake”, “First Aid and CPR Lesson”, “Bike Maintenance”, etc….  Things of interest alongside a chance to gather, chat and have a film in the background.

Dear All,

The next Guildford Deanery Initial Safeguarding Awareness Training has been arranged for the at Christ the Redeemer of Mankind, Cranleigh, GU6 7AQ on Tuesday, 13th March 2018 from 7 – 9 p.m. 

A reminder that this training is for everyone but we are particularly for those who work with or minister to Vulnerable Groups (Children and Adults at Risk.) It is the expectation of the Bishop, Trustees and Safeguarding Commission that this initial training is undertaken and refreshed every three years. New Volunteers should undertake the Initial Training within the first year of being appointed. A Refresher Training Programme is being rolled out from September 2018 starting with those who did their training in 2015. People are welcome to attend initial and refresher sessions in other Deaneries if this is more convenient.

Please let the Cranleigh Parish Office know of your intention to attend by Tuesday, 6th March for refreshment and hand out purposes.

Rosemary Terry, Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator, Direct Line 01273 859715

Lent, Holy Week and Easter at the Catholic Church

Ash Wednesday

10am Mass and imposition of Ashes at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

8pm Mass and imposition of Ashes at St Thomas More, Bramley

5 Sundays of Lent – usual Sunday services

Palm Sunday

6pm Vigil and Blessing of Palms at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

9am Mass and Blessing of Palms at St Thomas More, Bramley

11am Mass and Blessing of Palms at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

Holy Week

Monday – 10am Mass at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

Tuesday – 10am Mass at St Thomas More, Bramley

Wednesday – 6pm Chrism Mass at Arundel Cathedral

The Sacred Triduumall at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

Maundy Thursday – 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Footwashing and watch until midnight in Garden of Repose

Good Friday – 3pm Good Friday Liturgy of the Passion of the Lord

Holy Saturday – 8.30pm Easter Vigil of the Resurrection

Easter Day

9am – Mass of the Resurrection at St Thomas More, Bramley

11am – Mass of the Resurrection at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind

ADORE (Alton Day Of REnewal) – Saturday 24th February 11.00-4.00

You are warmly welcome to a mini-retreat day (or morning/afternoon) of spiritual refreshment and renewal, focussing on Renewal and Mission. At Alton School, Anstey Lane, Alton GU34 2NG. 11.00am Rosary; 11.30am Mass; 12.15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; 1.00pm Shared lunch; 2.00pm Praise & Worship; 2.30 Talk “The Spirit has anointed me” by Fr Anthony Meredith; 3.30 Prayer for healing. We end about 4pm.   www.altonrenewal.com Or telephone Alastair Emblem on 01252 714809  Next month’s meeting is on 24th March:  “Living Kingdom Values” – guest speaker Jenny Baker


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