23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 5th September 2021

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 5th September 2021

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The Cranleigh Coffee Morning will recommence on 14th October – all over 50’s are welcome each 2nd Thursday of the month from 10.30 to 12pm.

THE SEASON OF CREATION (Creationtide) 2021 – 1st September to 4th October

Please take the time, if you have the online facility, to look at the Season of Creation website which has full Vatican support and involvement:


Some further useful resources for you to engage more fully with this newest season of the Church’s liturgical year …

From THE GOD WHO SPEAKS website:

For this is like the days of Noah to me, as I swore that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth so I have sworn that I will not be angry with you and will not rebuke you.  For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you and my covenant of peace shall not be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you.”  (Isaiah 54:7-10)

FOCUS ON THE ENVIRONMENT – some worthwhile reading exploring Scripture and the environment as part of our response to Creationtide, and to preparing for COP 26 in Glasgow from 1st-12th November.

  • Noah’s Burden: A personal ecological reflection on Noah by Dr Richard Goode:


  • Cosmic Love: Eucharist and Creation by Bishop Peter Brignall:


  • The Heart of God in Crisis: Noah and the Ark by David McLoughlin:


An excellent new publication from the Iona Community’s Common Concern Network (Environment): “Living Faithfully in the Time of Creation”, Kathy Galloway & Katherine M Preston (edits), £14.99, Wild Goose Publications, ISBN 9781849528016.  The book offers prayers and reflections to cover the period from September through the United Nations COP26 conference

See also other resources available on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website: https://ctbi.org.uk/season-of-creation-creation-time-2021/

Season of Creation 2021 Prayer

Creator of all,

We are grateful that from your communion of love you created our planet to be a home for all. By your Holy Wisdom you made the Earth to bring forth a diversity of living beings that filled the soil, water and air. Each part of creation praises you in their being, and cares for one another from our place in the web of life.

With the Psalmist, we sing your praise that in your house “even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young.” We remember that you call human beings to keep your garden in ways that honor the dignity of each creature and conserve their place in the abundance of life on Earth.

But we know that our will to power pushes the planet beyond her limits. Our consumption is out of harmony and rhythm with Earth’s capacity to heal herself. Habitats are left barren or lost. Species are lost and systems fail. Where reefs and burrows, mountaintops and ocean deeps once teemed with life and relationships, wet and dry deserts lie empty, as if uncreated. Human families are displaced by insecurity and conflict, migrating in search of peace. Animals flee fires, deforestation and famine, wandering in search of a new place to find a home to lay their young and live.

In this Season of Creation, we pray that the breath of your creative Word would move our hearts, as in the waters of our birth and baptism. Give us faith to follow Christ to our just place in the beloved community. Enlighten us with the grace to respond to your covenant and call to care for our common home. In our tilling and keeping, gladden our hearts to know that we participate with your Holy Spirit to renew the face of your Earth, and safeguard a home for all.

In the name of the One who came to proclaim good news to all creation, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Rev Roy Woodhams from St Nicolas Church Cranleigh writes:  I am taking a group from St Nicolas to Iona from 17th – 23rd September.  Due to a sad family situation, one couple who were coming have had to drop out.  As I have already paid for hotel and transport, it would be really good to find someone to replace them!  The cost is £1850 for the couple, though I would be open to negotiating a reduced figure rather than waste the booking.  If there is no couple, I would also consider taking a single person at £950.  If anyone is able/interested to please contact me urgently on 01483 800655

300 club winners for July are: Diane R, Southwell Family and Stephen R

300 club winners for August are: Mary W, Anne S and Patrick McG

300 club winners for September are: Marilyn V, Shelagh A and David B

Please be advised that there is a change in the way that Fr Alistair receives income compared to the way Fr David received income which was that former Anglican priests with dependents have different remuneration policies to ensure adequate provision for the household.  The parish provided for the priest’s domestic expenditure and personal remuneration through a stipend.

In respect of Fr Alistair he receives clergy church income comprised of Christmas and Easter offerings, Mass stipends, and stole fees for baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Christmas and Easter offerings are booked into a restricted Parish Fund for the Support of the Clergy and the whole amount can be drawn by the priest.

Pokot News

On 26th August we sent the magnificent sum of £8,800 to the Pokot Missions. Of this, £3,742 was for Fr Sean at the Rotu Mission. £2,085 was to pay the school  and college fees of three of his young students, two of whom have qualified for secondary education at the Barpello Mission school; the third has been accepted at a teacher training college.  The balance of £1,657 will  be used where Fr Sean sees the greatest need. He tells me that these discretionary funds could not have come at a better time and are always a great help. Some will be used for drought relief and some for repairs to the Mission’s much used tractor.

Fr Paul Kamua, Director of the Barpello Mission secondary school, will receive £5,058. Of this, £3,625 is to pay the school fees and extras for four students being sponsored by members of the Pound a Week Group. Another of our sponsored students, Joywin Samoei, was awarded our Fr Ken Memorial Scholarship which paid all her fees and extras during the four years she was at the Barpello school and is now supporting her in her study for a degree in Education at Moi University. She asked Fr Paul if he could possibly help her buy a laptop to assist her in her studies and £201 was used for that purpose.  Fr Paul reported that “the £1,232 of discretionary funds will be used for food relief to the community. There’s a very harsh drought here at the moment and I will try as best I can to reach out to all the very needy households in the five locations of Barpello”.

Fr Paul has said that he would love to come and visit us when the pandemic and all the restrictions are safely behind us. He would like, inter alia, to give an illustrated  talk on how much our support over the years has helped and advanced the Mission to the Pokot people. Fr Alistair told me that  Fr Paul would be welcome to visit the Parish and be his guest at the Presbytery when circumstances allow.  It will be great to see Fr Paul and hear at first hand about his Mission work in Barpello. I will  report further in due course. Eugene  McGivern (01483-893379 or emcgivern@btinternet.com )

Marriage Anniversaries Mass: Anyone celebrating a wedding anniversary that has particular significance for them is welcome to join the annual celebration of marriage at St Joseph’s Church in Guildford.   This year the celebration, with Bishop Richard, is on Saturday, October 9th with Mass at 11.30.

In order that we can be Covid compliant we do ask that everyone books their space via our website. Please use the following link Diocesan Marriage Anniversaries Mass and Reception (09-Oct-2021) · ChurchSuite Events or contact the Diocesan Marriage & Family Life  Adviser, Katherine Bergin at Katherine.bergin@abdiocese.org.uk  (Places are limited to 150).  We so look forward to celebrating with you!

A two-year ‘synodal’ process is taking place in the Catholic Church beginning October 2021. It will culminate in the final Synod Gathering of Bishops in Rome in October 2023. The overall theme is “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission”.

For the first time, the Synod Office in Rome has produced a comprehensive process which encompasses the stated aim of the Holy Father that the Church in today’s world should have a vision of missionary communion orientated to evangelisation. It’s an invitation for us, as Catholics, to ‘walk together’. Every member of the Church has the right to speak, and the obligation to allow those charged with the work of discernment the freedom to do so.  If you would like to know more please visit the Diocesan Website here:  https://www.abdiocese.org.uk/news/for-a-synodal-church-communion-participation-mission

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