3rd Sunday of Easter – 15th April 2018

3rd Sunday of Easter – 15th April 2018

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3rd Sunday of Easter – 15th April 2018

Times of Mass and Devotions
3rd Sunday of Easter 
Sat 14th Cranleigh 6.00pm Vigil Mass People of the Parish
Sun 15th Bramley




Sung Mass

Parish Mass

Janet Daulton RIP


Tues 17th Bramley 10.00am Mass – in Eastertide Those who suffer hunger
Wed 18th Cranleigh 7.00pm Mass – in Eastertide Those who despair and have lost hope
Thurs 19th Bramley 10.00am Mass – in Eastertide Those who seek guidance
Fri 20th Cranleigh 10.00am Mass  – in Eastertide Those preparing for first communion
4th Sunday of Easter 
Sat 21st Cranleigh 6.00pm Vigil Mass Bishop Richard’s Int’s
Sun 22nd Bramley




Sung Mass

Parish Mass

People of the Parish

Christopher Mantle (RIP)

The Divine Office – 20 minutes before weekday Masses

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – 1 hour before weekday masses

Confessions – Saturday after mass and 5pm, Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 10.30am or by appointment at any time

Parish Prayer Group – Mondays 9.15am and Thursdays at 8pm – see website or notice board for details.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

John tells us something today that is worth mentioning because it goes against the grain of what people generally think – including, perhaps especially, some Christians.  He writes: “…if anyone should sin, we have our advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, who is just; he is the sacrifice that takes our sins away, and not only ours, but the whole world’s.”

I wonder what you make of that sentence?

First of all, it seems to me, that John is telling us something about sin and judgement.  In a newspaper just this week was a piece on the Australian cricket scandal of ball tampering. The columnist opined that although ball tampering is a serious misdemeanour it may not be so serious as to rule out or entirely ruin a sporting career.  He thought that the judgement was too harsh and felt that the Sporting Council had judged with incorrect criteria and thus an injustice was done.

John tells us that Jesus is our “advocate with the Father” and that he is “just”.  So not only will Jesus represent us but he will be fair with regards to our faults.

But I didn’t just use that word “represents” by accident!  It could also mean standing forus as well as standing upfor us.  Yet, if you were listening and participating in the Holy Week services you will know that it is oursins that Jesus bore on the cross.  “By hisstripes we have been healed.”  So, in some mysterious way Jesus actually stands-in for us, accepting our faults as if they were his own and thus setting us free to try again.

There is however, another little bit of this that needs unpicking and which many Christians, including some of us Catholics, find hard to digest.  John says that Jesus “takes our sins away, and not only ours, but the whole world’s.”    He doesn’t say “he takes away our sins (and only our sins)” implying that it is only Christians, or perhaps even only someChristians and not others that are forgiven.  In other words, everyone is offered the same deal.

But you may ask what is the point, then, of being a part of the Church?  Why not just accept this happy situation and then carry on with your life?

The answer surely lies, in part, in the responsethat this gracious and costly offer from God calls for from withinus.  To respond with gratitude and thanksgiving and then emulate the same graciousness in a committed Christian life is to make a conscious effort to pass on the benefits to others that we have been in receipt of.  If we have discovered that this new relationship with God, through Jesus, is life giving then it is natural to respond in kind; to offer to those around us a sacrificial love that excludes no one and perhaps even includes especiallythose least worthy of the gift.

“Through your cross and resurrection You has redeemed the world” is a phrase that is said between each of the Stations of the cross. The world means “me” and indeed everybody and all things.  Nothing is excluded; all is redeemed – some of us recognise this.  Others don’t.  Our task is to help them see what a difference accepting it could make.

With my love and prayers

Fr David


ADORE (Alton Day Of REnewal)

Saturday 21st April 11.00-4.00

You are warmly welcome to a mini-retreat day (or morning/afternoon) of spiritual refreshment and renewal, focussing on Renewal and Mission. At Alton School, Anstey Lane, Alton GU34 2NG. 11.00am Rosary; 11.30am Mass; 12.15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; 1.00pm Shared lunch; 2.00pm Praise & Worship; 2.30 Talk “Setting the Downtrodden Free” by Peter Hobbs; 3.30 Prayer for healing. We end about 4pm.

There is no need to register in advance, and no charge (though a collection will be taken to cover costs). For more information and directions, see poster or website: www.altonrenewal.com

Or telephone Alastair Emblem on 01252 714809.

Following month’s meeting: 19th May Guest speaker Fr Simon Penhalagan “Proclaiming the Lord’s favour.”

Mission Questionnaire Meeting
17th April Bramley at 19.00hrs

Thank you to those who have recently completed the Survey Monkey questionnaire at:
There is still time to get your view heard before the Parish Plan is designed, please do complete the questionnaire if you can.

The second of two meetings to discuss the findings from the questionnaire will take place in Bramley on 17th April at 19.00hrs.  You will have a chance to see all the anonymous responses and discuss what priorities you support.  I would urge you to attend if you can so that we get a representative voice of our parish.


Corpus Christi Day with Bishop Richard

Sunday, June 3rd,

St John’s Seminary,
Wonersh, GU5 OQX

1.00 Arrivals and Welcome –  Activities:  Outside fun, Crafts, Music, Talks
3.00 Corpus Christi procession with Bp Richard
3.45 Tea

In order to assist with catering please contact Katherine Bergin to book at katherine.bergin@dabnet.org

A VERY BIG THANK YOUto all those who supported the SOUP LUNCH for POKOT– £475 was raised due to the wonderful generosity of those who came and those who gave me donations because they were unable to attend.  I would like to pay tribute to the other members of the team, especially Jane, Anne and Jill whose help made all this possible.  Thank you all.  Win

The next over 50’s coffee mornings are: Tuesdays  17th April and 1st, 15th May in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting room.  All are welcome.

You are welcome to join the Monday 9.15am Prayer Group in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.

Saturday 28th April – Liturgy Matters!

The Society of St Gregory is holding a Gathering for people involved in parish ministry in St John’s Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth. There will be talks, liturgies and workshops on planning and preparing for Mass. The three workshops to choose from are on singing and music to accompany the assembly, on preparing the liturgy and the third will explore the prayers we use at Mass in detail. If you would like to go or would like more information, contact Bridget Eacott before 21st April (Tel 892406, email: bmeacott@hotmail.com). We are hoping to form a group to go down together.

One of our young parishioners is organising a drop in session for donations to Number Five on April 21st2-4pm in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room. Please support this event.

“I am doing this because I think that everyone should be treated fairly no matter how poor or rich they are. No matter what life throws at you. Everyone deserves to live with dignity. Everyone deserves to have a home, to be warm and clothed. I am hoping that I will be able to help in some way. Please help me, help those who do not have a home.”

RUNNER BEANSWould you like me to grow a pot of runner bean plants for you to plant in your garden?  10 plants for £2.80, 6 for £2 ready mid to late May.  Please take into account your holiday dates.  All proceeds to Parish Room Fund. Orders to Win Bracking 275573.

CAMEO Event –ComeAndMeetEachOther in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on Wednesday 25th April from 7.30pm for a Gin Rummy Cards night – and a drop or two of Gin.  This is open to all ladies of the Parish – you will be made welcome. Please register your interest to Tracy Laffar at jcromcloud@icloud.com

ADOREMUS National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress in Liverpool 2018 takes place September 7th to 9th.  It is a wonderful opportunity for all the Dioceses of England and Wales to come together to reflect on the gift of the Eucharist and the central place it holds in the life and mission of the Church.  If you would like to be a Delegate for your Parish contact the Parish office for more information or www.catholicnews.org.uk

Are you interested in exploring a Biblical perspective on Mental health?Would you like to have the opportunity to discuss and find out how the church can respond and help in this vital area in our community? Then come along to a new combined churches Bible study starting with an introductory session on Wednesday 25th April at 7:45 pm. The first session is held at Cranleigh Baptist church with the following six moving venues around the local churches. These are open to all. Contact your church leader or Rosslyn Doney 01483 267720 or just come to the introductory session.


Pokot News

This is Fr Sean McGovern’s report of how he spent the £3,300 we sent him which was his share of the £8,000 we sent to Fr Conway in early March.

“I had promised to send you details of the projects to which I will apply your £3,300 recently received  via Fr David (Conway). My nursery school is doing very well. 30 children enrolled and a very enthusiastic teacher. I have put £1,600 into that account. I do of course continue with our ‘delicious’ breakfast of millet porridge, sugar and camel milk for all the school children which your Group help fund. The teacher’s salary and uniforms for children plus the various needs for the classroom, all add up. I have put £1,600 into the building of the 2nd classroom in the nursery school, now at last overground. The £100 in memory of Grace Parker I put into Mass intentions. That makes £3,300.  Please pass on my warmest thanks to all the members of the Pound a Week Group for their wonderful and generous support for my projects for the Pokot people. You are all in my prayers. Please keep us in yours.   Fr Sean”

I circulated recently some photographs  of the Palm Sunday procession at Fr Sean’s Rotu mission and  of the building work on his new church. I asked him for some information about the joyous singing during the procession and for a translation of the writing on the stone standing by the wayside on the approach to the church. This is what he reported.  “Our Palm Sunday hymn was  Kiwo Yesu Jerusalem.  This is what it means. Jesus went to Jerusalem. He went by Donkey. Alleluia.

Our true saviour went by Donkey. The one who looks after the world went by Donkey. The Son of God went by Donkey.

The inscription on the stone outside our Church reads  Kanisa Katholik Rotuwhich means  Catholic Church Rotu; and Bakhita nyo tilil  means Saint Bakhita  who is the patron saint of our Mission. She was a slave from Darfur in the Sudan. After escaping she became a Christian and a nun. Her feast day is 8th February.”

If you would like more information about the Pound a Week Group’s support for the Pokot Missions, please contact me on emcgivern@btinternet.com or 01483-893379.


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