3rd Sunday of Advent – 13th November 2020

3rd Sunday of Advent – 13th November 2020

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Fr David’s Message for the Week

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

This third Sunday of Advent is an opportunity to loosen up a bit from all that spiritual and material preparation.  It is an opportunity to allow ourselves to Rejoice!  Why?  Because the Lord is near.  However, let us not take our eyes of the great prize, which is to be ready when at last he comes.  Our rejoicing is therefore a faithful hope-filled joy that we are loved and in God’s hands of love.  It is not a stoical “let us eat and be merry for tomorrow we die” kind of thing at all.  Even though this year has been full of darkness, doubt and fear, we are held in the palm of our loving Saviour’s hands and “he will come to save us.”  What he can’t save us from is ourselves, though, if we choose to ignore the warning signs and his loving kindness.  This next year we will need to continue to work together for the common good, to take real concrete steps to reduce the destruction of the worlds natural resources and diversity of life forms, poverty and sickness amongst the poor, the disparity of wealth amongst the nations of the world and in different parts of our own country, global heating, unemployment, oh, and the pandemic.  What we should not do is be overawed by the task ahead of us and just do nothing.  Surely the coming message of Christmas is, partly at least, that great things start from small beginnings and can lead to world changing events.  Let us not just hope for change – but be the change we want to see.  With my love and prayers. Fr David

Booking into Mass

Now we are out of second lockdown we will revert to booking online in order to attend Mass from Saturday 5th December.  Please book via the Parish website www.cpcb.org.uk
Go to the Parish Calendar (Front page of website) and click on the date you would like to attend [it will have a tick next to it].  The option to sign up will then be presented [one booking per group] until a maximum capacity of 32 seats/pews have been allocated(JCROM) and 28 (STM).  In order to best accommodate everyone, we ask that you please book your pew by Friday 10am at the latest.  Last minute bookings may not be seen and the risk is that you will be turned away at the door which no-one wants.  The same system can be used for booking into the Christmas Masses.

300 Club
The 300 club for 2020 is nearing its end with 2 draws in December – one for the month and an extra one for Christmas.  Entries for 2021 are now available on the parish website for you to download.  Join in this year – there’s always a chance for a bit of excitement if you are stuck at home!  As always, please complete the entry form and put it in an envelope with a cheque payable to “Catholic parish of Cranleigh and Bramley” and leave the envelope in the offertory or at the parish office.
Or for those who aren’t going out much, you can apply online from our website – www.cpcb.org.uk.
If you are not attending church in person or going out, you can transfer the money direct to the parish bank account using the following details:
Bank account Name: Catholic Parish of Cranleigh and Bramley
Bank account number : 41077465
Bank sort code : 40-05-20
As a reference for the transfer please put your name and 300 after it, eg Smith300.
After paying, please send a copy of your entry form to me at sandkoblintz@hotmail.com. (No need to do this if you applied online)
If you have problems with either method, please call the office and I will get back to you to sort something out.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 09.18.56.pngSt Cuthbert Mayne Raffle. Due to restrictions the school Christmas Fair is unable to go ahead and in spite of this the PTA have been working very hard continuing to raise funds for the school.  There are many lovely prizes to be won including a Fortnum and Mason Festive Hamper.  Any number of tickets can be bought for £1 each and your numbers will be allocated to you to be entered into the draw which will be drawn at 2pm on Saturday 12th December.  If you happen to be passing the church and school tickets can be brought at 9am and 3pm today and tomorrow.  If you would like to support the school by buying raffle tickets – here’s how.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 09.12.58.png

Telephone Support

Are you living alone, isolating or shielding? If you would like a parishioner (who has volunteered) to give you a telephone call to support, chat or talk, please contact Jane Harding at the parish office (01483 272075).  Jane will liaise with you and a member of the parish.

Financial Information November 2020

Offertory Month of November So far this year  
  Actual Budget Actual Budget  
  £10,045 £8,333 £87,517 £91,666  

Volunteer Interpreters Needed:

Do you speak Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya or Kurdish Sorani? If you do Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group would welcome your help.We support asylum seekers and other migrants held in detention at Gatwick Airport.At the moment one of the centres is holding men who have come across the Channel in small boats.  They arrive traumatised only to find they are then imprisoned. They feel desperate. We want to help them as best we can but many do not speak English.  They come from many different countries but at present in particular from Yemen IIran and Iraq. If you would be able to help please contact Josie: josie@gdwg.org.uk. We will need to take references, carry out an interview and DBS checks as we do with all of the many volunteers who support our work.  Thank you.

Cranleigh Parish Council

is about to launch an electronic newsletter giving updates on the work of the Parish Council.  Sign up for our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hfYGcz

EMF Christmas Concerts

Tickets are available to buy from www.englishmusicalfestival.org.uk/2020-christmas-concerts/box-office.php and advance booking is recommended.   Taking place on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th December at St Mary’s Church, Horsham, RH12 1HE.  The Festival is expecting to make a loss on these concerts, as it is always very expensive to run such events – however, we were so struck by a comment from an audience member at our Autumn Festival in Horsham that it was a “life-line” for her, that we have realised that we need to put on such concerts whenever and wherever we can, simply to provide the emotional, spiritual, psychological and social benefits that live music-making brings and that people need at this difficult time.

POKOT Report

Yesterday we sent £5,100 to Fr Sean at the Rotu Mission to share with Fr Paul at the Barpello Mission school.  £2,310 was  for Fr Paul to pay the school and university fees of six of our sponsored students; and a further £500 was to be used where he sees the greatest need. The balance of £2,290 was for Fr Sean. £1,500 of this was to pay for urgent repairs and renewal of equipment and tools he is using in the building of the new Mission church at Rotu; £45 was for his solar lamps fund; and the balance of £745 was for his greatest need. Here is Fr Sean’s acknowledgement of our donation. I will circulate Fr Paul’s response when I hear from him
I hope all goes well with you and your families in these difficult times.  Best wishes and a Happy Christmas.  Eugene

“Good evening Eugene
As so often in the past I am thoroughly grateful to £ a Week Group for their continued amazing generosity. It has not lessened one iota during this very difficult past year.
The £1,500 for my recent and ongoing machinery expenses is perfectly timed. Again as so often in the past.
It’s always great to see a donation for solar lamps. I’ve had to replace a good few recently which got destroyed mostly by rambling animals. I try to keep a few in reserve for such emergencies. (I don’t replace till I see that the lamp is past repair).
The £745 for greatest need will give about Ksh.100,000. I will give half to my medical project. I frequently pay for treatment for poor people. I’ve had debts for 3 such in the last 3 days.
The medical project has a very interesting history with regard to the foundation of Rotu mission. In the 1900s, Sister Rebecca and I used to bring medical care to Akoret. We’d camp there in the dry River bed for 3 nights and attend to people all day. It was hugely labour intensive and very exhausting. After a few years the need for a more permanent arrangement was seen and the creation of Rotu mission was the solution. And so I now see a need to give a bit of help to that project.
The other half I will give to my long, long standing School fees project. The 4th of January is Dday at last for all children to return to school. I know I’m going to have quite a few requests for help. Your donation really could not have come at a better time.

A thousand thanks again to the unique £ a Week Group for making such things possible.
What 2021 will bring us, only God knows. This time last year no one could have predicted 2020’s hardship.
God bless you all for now.
Sean. ”

Gregorian Chant

An exciting opportunity to study, learn to sing and appreciate the beauty of Gregorian Chant begins Saturday 19 December 2020 and continues on every third Saturday of the month until 17 July 2021, at St Agatha’s Church, Portsmouth City Centre, PO1 4RL.

Suitable for Adults, Students and Children, all levels of experience are welcome, from complete beginners to those already experienced at singing. It’s entirely flexible, so you can dip in for one day, or sign-up for the whole course of eight one-day workshops.  Join in person (for maximum benefit) or on Zoom.

Details are available at: www.ChantCourse.com Enquiries:  PortsmouthChantCourse@gmail.com   or Phone:   +44(0)7879 591432

Justice & Peace Webinar 2021:

How Should this Diocese Respond to the Food Poverty Crisis?

The number of people experiencing food insecurity has increased dramatically during the Covid 19 crisis, with families in our diocese under increasing pressure.  Join our free Justice & Peace Webinar to find out what parishes can do to help on Saturday 16th January 2021:  10 am to 12.30 pm.  To book you free place and receive the Zoom link, contact Rosie Read, Social Action Secretary, at rosie.read@abdiocese.org.uk

CAFOD World Gifts

World Gifts, CAFOD’s range of virtual gifts, make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world. While we have the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown here, we can still be good neighbours to our sisters and brothers overseas by giving World Gifts as Christmas presents to family and friends. The Keep Clean Kit gift for £6 and the Vegetable Garden gift for £10 are just two gifts that will help vulnerable families affected by the pandemic to protect and feed themselves. Let’s spread joy and hope around the world this Christmas. Visit cafod.org.uk/worldgifts.



If you wish to make your confession, please email me or call me to arrange a convenient time.  We can do it while walking around the garden.  Or sitting – suitably distanced within the church, perhaps.

Divine Office

I will be saying the Divine Office every day.  You can join me spiritually if you like by using Universalis which is available for Mac and PC and for Android or Apple phones.  I will say evening prayer at 6pm and Morning prayer at 9.45am.


If you become ill and would like to see a priest (me!) please don’t hesitate to ask and I will visit observing the precautions required to keep us both safe.  However, if you are COVID +ve, or are exhibiting symptoms, please follow the NHS guidelines, but keep me informed.  Also, if you are a carer or a partner of someone who goes into hospital, or falls gravely ill, please do call me to tell me.  The very least I can do is add you to my daily intercession list – and I may be able to visit too.

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