The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple – 2nd February 2020

The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple – 2nd February 2020

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  • Voluntary collection for the Catholic Association for Racial Justice next Sunday. Not Gift Aid.
  • If you would like any candles blessed for your home, please bring them to one of the weekend masses.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Every night the Church asks us to remember the words of old Simeon – the one who would not see death until his eyes had seen the salvation God had put in place for Israel.  The ‘Nunc Dimittis’, as this canticle is known, reminds us of the virtues of faith and patience and hope.  At the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple all these things are fulfilled for old Simeon – and at last he can ‘go in peace’.  His life’s purpose may have been merely to confirm the Christ at His Presentation, or perhaps, this was the end point of a lifetime of faith.  Who knows?  But, each night, as we pray those words of Simeon, we also make them our own.  We can go to the rest of sleep, perhaps, in the knowledge that we have done, today, what we have been tasked with faithfully and joyfully and hopefully – without cynicism or complaint but in the hope that what our today brought us was within the will of God for us – who loves us such that what he wills for us is for our benefit and fulfilment.

It may be that, unlike Simeon, we may not actually see the fruit of today’s labour.  That may be further down the line and for someone else to harvest.  We may only be asked to provide a foundation for others to build on.  Whatever it may be that has been our work of today may never be fully known to us.  But, provided we have tried to be faithful loving and hopeful then something will always come of it and to the greater glory of God.

Occasionally the things we know we should do, or have to do, do not bring us what the world calls ‘happiness’.  If we are searching only for happiness in our lives, as if this was the totality of human fulfilment, we are most likely to be disappointed and frustrated with life.  But if we set out to be faithful to God’s will – obscure as it often is then we will find our freedom and peace.  Even today, as the happy scene inside the Temple is unfolding with the joy of Simeon, and Anna just happening along to pinch the child’s cheek and coo over him it seems as though Simeon suddenly goes off message.  He starts talking to Mary about ‘swords piercing souls’ and the ‘fall and rising of many’ which all sounds less than jolly – and happy. Yet it is through these things that Mary pondered in her heart that God’s purpose of redemption for everyone was revealed.

God’s revelation of his love for us in Christ Jesus comes in many, unexpected guises.  The trick for all of us is to have a constant attitude of expectation and a knack of thinking outside of the box that the world straightjackets us into.  It is here that God is very busy indeed.  God bless you.  Fr David 

We welcome Fr Kevin Dring who will celebrate Vigil Mass this Saturday 1st February as Father David is spending the day in study at University.

Notice Newcomers 15.02.20.png

Open to those who have come to the parish in the last 2 years (with their families) Buffet lunch 12.30 – 2pm on Saturday 15th February in the parish meeting room, Cranleigh. Please pick up invitation at church door when leaving Mass or RSPVP to office by 5th February, please let us know of dietary requirements.  If you know of someone recently moved to the parish please make sure they are aware of this and extend the invitation.

Projectors and Screens – Over this Christmas period I have introduced you to the idea of projecting the words of the hymns and mass onto a large screen in the Church at Cranleigh.  We needed to prove the concept worked and was helpful before we committed any funds to the project.  We began by using our little office projector seated on a stool for the Christmas Vigil Mass and then borrowed a more powerful one for a weekend to ensure that we could use the system from a better vantage point.  In both cases the system proved its worth.  For example, we did not have to print 350 booklets for Christmas mass and then throw them all away the following day.  Everyone in the church was on the same page and singing from the same hymn sheet!  I noted that the singing was much better at the masses over the weekend we had the big system too.  Many people found the projector an advantage.  A couple complained.  Some weren’t able to see the words as well as others.  Most things we can perfect as we work with a full installation as time goes by.

However, none of this would be possible without money to pay for it.  As we are coming towards the end of paying the hall debt down we aren’t flush with cash. But we have received four very generous donations specifically towards the projector installation which will cover the costs fully.  I am very grateful to those generous people for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

With the funding in place, and with the concept proved, we now need to find an acceptable quotation.  The Parish Finance Committee agreed to ask for tenders and commit the funds for the project.  This we are now doing.

Also, as part of our ongoing drive to find ways of communicating information to parishioners and newcomers I have installed an old computer monitor in the porch at Cranleigh connected up via our network to one of the office computers to display welcome info and news as people come into the porch.  This is an experiment designed to find out whether this sort of system is useful – perhaps not to you who are already part of the community here, but to people who pop in who are new, or trying to find a bit of peace and quiet.  This little experiment did not require any parish money apart from a bracket to fit it all on the wall!  Let me know what you think.   Fr D

Coffee-cake.pngThe next Coffee Morning will take place on Tuesday 11th February from 10.30am in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room. This is open to all member of our community and you are welcome to bring a friend or suggest it to someone who may benefit from meeting with this friendly group.
Lent-Banner.pngLent begins on Ash Wednesday the 26th of February.   COMING SOON – 2020 LENT COURSE: Our Lent Discussion Course this year will again be run jointly with the other churches in the Village.  We are proposing to use a book called ‘This? How Christians Respond to Climate Change’ by Susan Sayers.  As last year, there will be an opportunity to attend the course on either a Thursday Evening or a Friday afternoon, or to interchange.  There will be 6 sessions starting on 27th/28th February and running through to the week before Holy Week.

We shall be hosting the sessions on a Friday afternoon from 2pm in our Parish Room at Cranleigh, but there will also be sessions held at Cranleigh Methodist Church on Thursday evenings.

The course begins on the Thursday and Friday immediately after Ash Wednesday and runs through up to the Thursday and Friday before Palm Sunday.  Please do make a note in your diaries.

CAMEO-Logo-with-text.pngThe next Cameo evening for ladies of the parish to come together will take place on Tuesday 11th [not 4th] February from 7.30pm in the Cranleigh Lady Chapel.  The focus will be Our Lady of Lourdes whose Feast Day is on 11th February.  There will be a time for reflection and prayer and then we will come together for a drink and conversation in the Parish Meeting Room.  This is a friendly open group for all generations, and you are welcome to bring a friend.

“Cranleigh Village Care is a local organisation run for the past 21 years by volunteers in the village.  The organisation offers transport to those in need particularly for medical appointments.  As Cranleigh grows, more people require help with transport.  There is an URGENT need for both volunteer Drivers and Duty Officers.  Duty Officers man the phone line on allocated days and times and arrange for the drivers to transport the clients. You can offer as much or as little time as you like and a driver’s mileage costs can be reimbursed.  Without some additional help this very valuable service is at risk.  Please do consider if you can help. Interested? Please contact Dorothy on 273508, Peter on 204045, Rosy on 273376 or Joan on 272083 or Trish on 271314.

Financial Information January 2020
Second Collections
Pax Christi


We’ve had a great response to the call for members to sign up for the 300 Club; many people have returned and many new members as well.  All together there are now 134 members, the highest we have had for over three years.

The winners for January are:

1st – Jude Preece

2nd – Patrick Duane

3rd – Anita Gilbey

Evening Prayer for Divorced, Remarried & Separated: Sun. 23rd February, at 3 pm:  All those in our parish communities who may be divorced, remarried or simply separated, are warmly invited to come together with Bishop Richard at St. John the Evangelist Church in Horsham for afternoon tea, conversation and the celebration of Evening Prayer, which will conclude the afternoon.  It would be useful to know approximate numbers simply to allow us to cater appropriately. If you be kind enough to send through the name(s) of those who are coming along, that would be useful. You can send the information to  Thank you.

Fr John Seddon OSB will present the sixth episode of ‘Catholicism – a journey to the heart of the faith’, by Bishop Robert Barron, on Saturday, February 8th, 2020.The day begins with Mass at 9.00 am, followed by coffee. The sixth film, is entitled ‘A Body both suffering and glorious: the mystical union of Christ and the Church.’ The Day concludes around 4.00 pm. Bring a packed lunch and if you can, a friend. Tea and coffee is provided. St Augustine’s Abbey, Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, Near Guildford. GU4 8QR.  

The Parish has lots of volunteers and 2020 brings a need for new commitment from the members of our community.  If you are interested in finding out more about joining the rota for cleaning the Cranleigh Church or submitting the weekly Bidding Prayers please speak to Tracy in the Parish Office who can let you know what is expected.  Of course, the more volunteers, the lighter the load and so please ask one other to join you in volunteering.   It’s a lovely way to be part of the team and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Day of Reflection – Monastic insights into contemplation.
A day of study and prayer on the founders of Western monasticism and their insights into prayer and Meditation.  The day will include silent meditation, guided lectio divina and some of the influences of Evagrius and Cassian.  Led by Fr John Seddon OSB MA.  Fr John is a monk and priest of Chilworth Abbey, Near Guildford.  Fr. John has extensive experience of providing opportunities for those seeking to explore and deepen their faith and practice.

Time and Date:  Saturday 23 May 2020 10:15 – 4:00pm Venue: St. John’s Seminary, Cranleigh Road, Wonersh,  GU5 0QX Suggested donation £13:00;  bring a packed lunch and drinks will be provided. To book a place:   Contact – Rachel Curtis, Aidan Coyle or Patrick Coyne:   email:       or          07973 500 811        [state the event and your contact details clearly]

You are warmly invited to a service of  Healing and Renewal in St Joan of Arc Church,
19 Tilford Road, Farnham GU9 8DJ  Wednesday 5th February 8.00-9.00pm

PRAISE – ADORATION – SCRIPTURE REFLECTIONS INDIVIDUAL HEALING PRAYER MINISTRY Everyone is welcome to come and experience the love and peace of God.

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