33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 19th November 2017

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 19th November 2017

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From Father David – Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are entering upon a period of intense preparation from this week onwards until the middle of February.  All of us are being asked to reflect on what is important and at the centre of our lives.  Well, what is?  That is the question indeed.  Is it Advent?  Or Christmas?

Jesus says in the Gospel “Where your treasure is, there lies your heart.”  What do we treasure most and thus where do our hearts truly lie?

Last week I alerted you to a letter that you would have received this week.  This particular letter concerns your money – something we readily identify as “treasure” – and asks you to support your parish and it’s work financially so that we can fund the works we need to make our parish a centre of excellence.  With more money we could do so much more – many things that other Churches take for granted as essential – and therefore fund accordingly.  Things like Youth Workers, Professional musicians, Family Workers, IT support and infrastructure, development of the fabric to suit changing ways of worship etc.  You may not have thought of any of these things but I’m asking you to support your parish generously and respond to our most recent appeal wholeheartedly. Even sacrificially.

But over the next few weeks we are going to hear and learn a great deal more about other aspects of developing your treasure – and thus your heart’s desire.  I have asked a small group to develop materials, meetings, and a way, or ways, of asking YOU how you think our parish might change over the next year, or years, in such ways that we become a community of the faithful who have the Church, our parish, the work we do and the worship we offer at heart in a new, more life giving, way which seeks the involvement of everyone in new and exciting ways.

The upside of this, as far as I can see, is that it doesn’t really depend on ME as your priest.  I am here to pastor, support, teach and encourage you as best I can.  But YOU are, all together, the Church, and thus what you make of it is what it becomes.

If there is no true heart in our parish for the Gospel, the Church, and mission then, even if I was the best priest in the entire world, it would die and wither.  Even if I was the worst priest in the world, if you have Christ at heart and in the centre of your lives then our parish will thrive and draw new people of all ages into God’s life in new and exciting ways.  Watch, listen and pray!


With my love and prayers.  Fr David

Special Collection THIS Sunday for The Cathedral Maintenance Fund

78-book-of-remembrance2.jpgBook of Remembrance – Bramley

If you would like the names of any of your relatives or friends who have died to be entered into the Book of Remembrance in Bramley, please sign the list in the porch and they will be entered onto the book at the end of November.

requiem-font-1-big.png The Parish will be celebrating a Requiem Mass THIS Saturday 18th November.   This Mass is intended to remember all those recently departed in our community.  Please come if you would like to remember someone special.  Please forward this message onto anyone who you think would like to attend.

MilfordSMALL-460x339.jpgIf you would like to join the Parish Outing to Squires Garden Centre on Milford Tuesday 21st November please put your name and telephone number on the lists in the Church Porches.   Transport can be arranged for you, there will be a lunch of your choice and there is a huge selection of Christmas shopping and of course the plant centre.

images.jpe.jpeg Corin Golding will be selling baked goods after Mass in Bramley on the 26th November to raise funds for his school, St Edmund’s Catholic Primary in Godalming.  Please support Corin’s efforts.

ht_star_Wars_xmas_05_lb_151201_4x3_992.jpgWe have a decorating team to dress the Cranleigh Church for the advent season one weekend on 16/12.   Please contact the office if you would like to be part of this team.

cache_4088523715.png Next Care Group meeting is scheduled for 24th November at 11am at Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.

Cuthbert_Mayne_2a.JPGMums and Dads – a date for your Diary – Join other Parents, Staff and Governors to celebrate the Feast of St Cuthbert Mayne on November 29th. 

We will be celebrating whole school mass at 1.45 and then the blessing and official opening   of our new school entrance lobby. From 3.15-4.00pm we will have Open Classrooms.

Bishop Richard will be celebrating mass with Fr. David and then opening the lobby and visiting classrooms after school during the Open Classrooms. We will then have informal refreshments for staff, governors and the Bishop from 4-4.45pm.

From Darkness to Light

A Service of Readings and Music for Advent

At St Thomas More Church, Bramley

Sunday 3rd December 2017 – 6.30pm

Followed by mulled wine and mince pies in the Parish Room.  All are welcome

jointhechoir_000.jpgAll are welcome to join the Bramley Choir for the Advent Carol Service. Rehearsals take place at 8pm in Bramley on Mondays 13th, 20th and 27th November. 


The St Cuthbert Mayne Christmas Fair will take place following the Youth Mass on Sunday 26th November.   Please join the festivities after Mass and enjoy lots of children’s activities, good food, cakes and drinks.  There are raffle prizes of £300, £200 & £100 plus lots more to be won.  Parking will be restricted on the day and all are very welcome at the Fair.

Advent-Reconciliation-Service.jpgThe Parish Reconciliation Service will take place on Sunday 17thDecember in Cranleigh from 1pm.  Our First Holy Communion children (30+ of them!) will be receiving their First Reconciliation. All members of the parish are encouraged to attend.  You might like to come to the service even if you intend to make your confession the following weekend and use the penitential service as a helpful and joyful examination of conscience to help prepare yourself.

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