32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 10th November 2019

32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 10th November 2019

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Special Appeal and Collection for Educaid today

We welcome Miriam Mason as a guest speaker during this weekend of 9th and 10th November informing us about Educaid which runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training , and tertiary programmes in Sierra Leone.

 Special Collection for Arundel Cathedral Fund next weekend.

Dear sisters and brothers,

The first reading really aught to have a classification mark by it to warn parents of children to cover their ears.  Mind you, today, they probably see much worse on the TV News!  However, it is worth just thinking about for a few moments.

We know that the Jewish Law forbade the eating of certain meats and chief among them is pork.  It may seem of little concern to us but to be an observant Jew, and therefore a righteous Jew, meant trying one’s best to observe the Law in its fullest. What observing the Law meant was not straight forward which is why there are various ‘schools’ of interpretation – and we see some of this in today’s Gospel reading.

However, the proscription on eating pork is such a strong one and so characteristically Jewish that when King Antiochus IVcaptured Israel and decided to unify religion across his empire by wiping out the Jewish religion he chose pork as the means of testing the loyalty of his new subjects.

To us it all sounds slightly ridiculous, but it is an important point of principle and these seven brothers were prepared to put their religion and cultural identity first before their own lives.  We consider that an act of bravery and courage in the face of a despotic law. Although some may consider it foolish and pointless.

This weekend we commemorate those who have given their lives for a slightly different freedom – our personal freedoms that we enjoy as subjects of a free country.  We also celebrate that these men and women gave their lives in support of freedoms in other countries in Europe and around the world,  After WWII real attempts were made to bring nations and cultures together so that they enriched each other rather than vied with each other to be “best” or strongest.  Remember what Shaw said: “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.”  The European Union was one such attempt, as was the United Nations.  We are currently at a place where so called populist leaders are attempting to dismantle these structures which have largely kept the peace since WWII.  Remember, the Church teaches that peace isn’t just an absence of violence or hatred but a way of living together which acknowledges difference and works together for justice.  Peace and justice are part of the same thing.  This is what our soldiers, sailors and airmen fought for.  We should never forget that as we shall never forget them.

Fr David

Remembrance Sunday –The parade will begin for the churches at St Nicolas at 10.30am on 10th November and proceed to the War Memorial for the Remembrance Service.   The 11am Mass with therefore take place at midday (12noon) and the blessing of graves will follow immediately after.

Blessing of Graves in Cranleigh will take place on Sunday 10th November after Mass (1pm). Candles can be bought from the Parish Office.  Father David asks that if you would like a grave of a member of your family blessed that you might be present to guide him to where they lie.

Please check with Sandra if you would like to use the Bramley Parish Room to ensure it is not double booked.  Can you please book the days or evenings you would like to use so l know when it’s free when l am asked. Thank you. Sandra.

 There will be no Mass at Bramley on the morning of 12th November, however there will be a Mass for Deceased Clergy at St Joseph’s in Dorking at midday if you would like to attend.

All members of our community – a date for your Diary – Join Parents, Staff and Governors to celebrate the Feast of St Cuthbert Mayne on November 29th.   We will be celebrating a whole school mass at 10am.

Bereavement Mass at 11am and Lunch at midday will take place on Saturday 30th November.  This is open to anyone who may be bereaved and have lost a loved one recently, or at any time in the past, to come together with members of the community for support.   The lunch is open to anyone and we offer it out to the wider villages community if you know of someone who may like to join.  Please extend the invitation and RSVP to the Parish Office so catering can be arranged.

The next CAMEO evening will take place on Tuesday 3rd December in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.   This is an informal gathering of the ladies of the Parish to come together for some spiritual prayer and then a cup of tea or glass of wine and an activity.  On this occasion Joan Morris will be organising a quiz, so please come and join us.  Further details can be obtained from the Parish Office

Reserve the date 8th December for 4pm Mass and the Parish Christmas Party including festive games and food in Cranleigh, Further details will be available shortly.

Christmas Masses

Christmas Eve

6pm                  JCROM             Mass

11.30pm                        STM                  Midnight Mass

Christmas Day

9am                  STM                  Mass at Cockcrow

11am                JCROM             Mass

“We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what’s in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense.” – Barack Obama

Through our worship in prayer and liturgy we seek always to become a
community of faith, hope and love, building inclusive
relationships with people of faith and none, reaching out to those in need

Parish Mission Statement


















The St Cuthbert Mayne School Christmas Fair will take place following Mass on Sunday 24th November to which everyone is invited.  There will be food and festivities to enjoy and is open to the whole community.

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