2nd Sunday of Advent – 13th November 2020

2nd Sunday of Advent – 13th November 2020

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Booking into Mass

Now we are out of second lockdown we will revert to booking online in order to attend Mass from Saturday 5thDecember.  Please book via the Parish website www.cpcb.org.uk
Go to the Parish Calendar and click on the date you would like to attend [it will have a tick next to it].  The option to sign up will then be presented [one booking per group] until a maximum capacity of 28 seats/pews have been allocated.  In order to best accommodate everyone, we ask that you please book your pew by Friday 10am at the latest.  Last minute bookings may not be seen and the risk is that you will be turned away at the door which no-one wants.  The same system can be used for booking into the Christmas Masses.

Fr David’s Message for the Week

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We are introduced to St John the Baptist in today’s gospel and reminded of his call to conversion – or to be ready to be converted, at least.  It’s one thing to desire change and another to embrace it.  It’s easy to see the need for change in others, but not so easy to accept the need for change in oneself.  John makes the point that his baptism is about a kind of preparation, a “making straight the way of the Lord” – but straight to what?  John’s baptism was “baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.” as Mark tells us.  But what does that mean?

It is significant that the arena for John’s mission was the desert.  We should avoid the temptation to think that this is accident, or that John, as some eccentric draw curious crowds from the cities to gawp at him in his isolated weirdness.  The desert is, in fact, the place of encounter with God (cf. Moses, cf. Elijah, , cf. Jesus later, cf. The desert Fathers and Mothers even later).  Its burning emptiness is the place of nakedness before two things – our own smallness and dependence and need, and before God in his vastness and mystery.  It is therefore the place where I must stand as I am in myself before my humanity and before God – all else is burned, stripped away.  It is the meeting place for encounter, in other words, of my true self with the true God.  Why this should be so is not all that hard to fathom out.

The city (symbol of our lives as they are) is a place where we become many things – not all of them wholesome and good.  We pretend to be dynamic, eternally youthful, popular and educated, sophisticated and cultured – civilised in other words.  Yet, the city is also the place of squalor and dishonesty, where the ‘human’ is lost sight of beneath the cut and thrust of progress and money.  John is therefore making an invitation to us – to leave our false selves behind and set out on a journey towards our true selves.  It will be our true selves who recognise our need of God, of forgiveness, of compassion, of a return to the “small is beautiful” and simplicity.  In the desert as we abandon our false selves we return to our original need – for God and to know and desire everything in God.    This is why the Opening prayer of today’s Mass says – “may no earthly undertaking hinder those who set out in haste to meet your Son, but may our learning of heavenly wisdom gain us admittance to his company”.  So, let us all set out in haste this Advent to meet our Lord, God’s Son, and learn, together, the meaning of heavenly wisdom and not the usual earthly sort which has led us into blind alleys and cul-de-sacs before and which we see and hear all around us all the time.  Advent is a time to purify our hearts, minds and faith of all the pollution that accumulates from being immersed in the world, not in God.  It is, therefore, exciting and serious!

With my own love for you and your families

Fr David

300 Club

The 300 club for 2020 is nearing its end with 2 draws in December – one for the month and an extra one for Christmas.  Entries for 2021 are now available on the parish website for you to download.  Join in this year – there’s always a chance for a bit of excitement if you are stuck at home!  As always, please complete the entry form and put it in an envelope with a cheque payable to “Catholic parish of Cranleigh and Bramley” and leave the envelope in the offertory or at the parish office.

If you are not attending church in person or going out, you can transfer the money direct to the parish bank account using the following details:

Bank account Name: Catholic Parish of Cranleigh and Bramley

Bank account number : 41077465

Bank sort code : 40-05-20

As a reference for the transfer please put your name and 300 after it, eg Smith300.

After paying, please send a copy of your entry form to me at sandkoblintz@hotmail.com.

If you have problems with either method, please call the office and I will get back to you to sort something out.

Telephone Support

Are you living alone, isolating or shielding? If you would like a parishioner (who has volunteered) to give you a telephone call to support, chat or talk, please contact Jane Harding at the parish office (01483 272075).  Jane will liaise with you and a member of the parish.

The Parish has also had an offer of maternity/baby items if you know of someone who may benefit from bags of baby clothes, 0-12 mths, some soft toys, play mats, rockers and cots, also available are maternity & non-maternity clothes.  Tracy in the Parish office can make the necessary connection.

Faith Companion

“The Faith Companion parishioner magazine is now online only. Digital copies and subscriptions are available at http://www.thefaithcompanion.co.uk or call 01403 754808. We have now launched Catholic Gifts online selling The Faith Companion candle, rosaries and a gift card for gifts or subscriptions. Please support and pray for our mission to support the Church.”

CAFOD World Gifts

World Gifts, CAFOD’s range of virtual gifts, make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world. While we have the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown here, we can still be good neighbours to our sisters and brothers overseas by giving World Gifts as Christmas presents to family and friends. The Keep Clean Kit gift for £6 and the Vegetable Garden gift for £10 are just two gifts that will help vulnerable families affected by the pandemic to protect and feed themselves. Let’s spread joy and hope around the world this Christmas. Visit cafod.org.uk/worldgifts.

Cranleigh Street Champions

are an initiative by the Parish Council providing volunteers to support the Cranleigh community through the pandemic by collecting prescriptions or shopping or making a friendly phone call.

You can ask for help by calling the coronavirus community helpline

0300 200 1008 or emailing               streetchampions@cranleigh-pc.gov.uk

Parish Council Newsletter

– the Parish Council is launching a regular electronic newsletter, sign up here http://eepurl.com/hfYGcz to receive direct to your inbox.

Ladywell Convent

are recruiting for a Companion to provide care to the FMDM Sisters who have now retired.  This is a unique and rewarding role, for someone who has a passion for service, high integrity, and a compassionate attitude towards the pastoral and spiritual needs of those within our La Verna Care Home community. This role is an amazing opportunity to be directly involved and to interact with the Sisters as a companion within the Care Home. This is a varied role, where no two days are the same! You’ll befriend the Sisters and be a companion in their day to day activities, such as; walking/talking in our extensive grounds or in nearby places to the convent, accompanying the Sisters to their appointments, assisting with on-line shopping, taking and leading the Sisters in prayer, knitting groups and playing cards, as well as helping with the arrangements for special events and Feast days. Flexibility is key and you will need to be able to multi-task and use your own initiative to help organise events/activities for the Sisters.  There will also be a requirement to embrace the spirit of celebration with kindness and passion, while at the same time having empathy at more sombre moments while supporting those around you.

ABOUT YOU. This is a real opportunity to help others and make a difference in the Sister’s well-being! To succeed in this role you will need to be passionate, proactive, caring and diplomatic. You’ll have excellent communication skills, able to prioritise and be extremely well organised. You’ll need to have a smart appearance, be able to demonstrate a sense of professionalism and courtesy that earns the trust of the Sisters, their relatives and members of staff. Previous experience within a similar role would be desired, however for the right candidate full training can be provided.  A full, clean driving license is required.

Please direct all enquiries to HR on 01483 425775 or email recruitment@ladywell.org.uk


If you wish to make your confession, please email me or call me to arrange a convenient time.  We can do it while walking around the garden.  Or sitting – suitably distanced within the church, perhaps.

Divine Office

I will be saying the Divine Office every day.  You can join me spiritually if you like by using Universalis which is available for Mac and PC and for Android or Apple phones.  I will say evening prayer at 6pm and Morning prayer at 9.45am.


If you become ill and would like to see a priest (me!) please don’t hesitate to ask and I will visit observing the precautions required to keep us both safe.  However, if you are COVID +ve, or are exhibiting symptoms, please follow the NHS guidelines, but keep me informed.  Also, if you are a carer or a partner of someone who goes into hospital, or falls gravely ill, please do call me to tell me.  The very least I can do is add you to my daily intercession list – and I may be able to visit too.  Jane Harding is available too – for telephone support but only a couple of hours a week.  Tracy will be working one morning a week from home.  Otherwise all staff are furloughed for the time being.

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