29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 22nd October 2017

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 22nd October 2017

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From Father David – Dear Brothers and Sisters

At last week’s Finance Committee meeting we looked at the first ¾ of the financial year’s results and can see a trend that is starting to become alarming – that is, that our expenditure is overtaking our income from the Offertory.  It is my duty to try to steward the resources of the parish and one of the largest expenditures which I think has got out of hand is the administration costs.  The newsletter you have in your hand is an attempt to save money whilst retaining the essential information that is required to keep you informed of events and information about celebrations, baptisms, funerals etc..  You can see that we have lost the readings from the “back page.”  Printing the Mass in full each week means that we have to use A3 paper folded to form a small leaflet.  A3 paper is less commonly used than A4 and is thus more expensive.  A4 is relatively reasonably priced and simple to photocopy.  So we are going to try and move to an A4 double sided newsletter for each Sunday.  The full newsletter will still be sent via email to anyone on our parish database and roll – so if you don’t get it (and you have an email address) it may well be that you haven’t given the Office your details.  Having those details helps us to help you so please – keep them up to date and if you haven’t given us them please do so as soon as possible.


It seems a good time to draw attention to money as Jesus tells us to give to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to God.  The Church operates in the same world as you and I do – we have electricity and gas and water to pay for.  Council Tax and repairs to the fabric.  Garden maintenance is a constant theme at Bramley and Cranleigh.  We have to pay for candles for the altars, wine and communion wafers for the Eucharist.  We have to buy the votive candles so that you can use them in your devotions.  We have salaries to pay and a share to send to the Diocese in order to help run the Diocese and pay for the help they in turn give us when we need it.  All of these things have increased many times over during the last few years – but our giving has probably remained static.  We haven’t had a stewardship appeal for over 4 years now but we are planning one soon as we need to all work together and pay our share to keep our beautiful and vibrant churches alive and running.  Please think about this so that when we launch an appeal it doesn’t come as a surprise to you!!

With my love and prayers.  Fr David

Office-Closed.jpgPlease note the Parish Office will be closed Tuesday 24th October to Friday 27th October.  Reopen as normal on Tuesday 2nd November.

Emails and voicemails can be left and the website has sign-up sheets for some events.

29th-sunday-in-ordinary-time-1-728.jpgSpecial Collection this Sunday for MISSIO – envelopes are in the porches

The collection on World Mission Sunday is taken up in every parish in the world.  It will ensure that the Church, and its priests and missionaries bring the message of peace to everyone who is suffering through sorrow and conflict.

In South Sudan, after decades of war and horrific violence, one corner of the country is thriving and growing.  Bishop Paride’s Peace Village in Kuron is a living example of St. Francis’s prayer where revenge has become understanding, hatred has become friendship and love is growing in the hearts of a new generation.

Please pray for the Missions and please give generously this weekend to help sow love around the world.  Gift Aid envelopes are in the porch.

xrestinpeace-mysrim3hap4o75bx98ry8nkqnh2qogskp0cddonk54.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ghiDc4Xfp5.jpgSad newsroom Pokot

A young boy in Form 1 of the Mission secondary school, Twale Kapel Robert, fell ill on Monday 9 October and was taken by the school Principal to the East Pokot Medical Project clinic (a Mission project) where he was diagnosed with a bladder and kidney infection. He was kept overnight pending transfer the next morning to hospital. He was given antibiotics and some improvement was noticed during the night. But he began to deteriorate and the clinic team set out with Robert on the four hour journey to the nearest hospital with X-ray and ultra sound facilities where he was found to have appendix and urinary tract infections. He was kept fasting in preparation for an operation the next morning but sadly passed away in the middle of the night. His body was taken to the mortuary until the family could be informed.  Here is Fr Conway’s subsequent report which does not make easy reading.
“On our visit to the family of the late Twala Kapel Robert on Monday 16 October we learned (after two of our teachers waded across the Kerio River with water up to their chest), that the family lived in a very remote setting in a homestead three and a half hours from Barpello.The father of Robert disappeared mysteriously over three years ago, he has never been seen since and is presumed dead. This is still very upsetting for them. In the last 12 months two young family members died, their uncle who lived at home died in the last month. The women of the house are mourning according to Pokot Tradition. Now with the tragic news of the death of their son they are confused. It was expressed to us that they do not want the boy to be buried at home. They are trying to grapple with the question as to why there is so much death in their family. To add to the sad news of the passing of Robert, a close relative was washed away in the River Kerio, the body has not been found yet.
Yesterday, we had to bury Robert in an unmarked grave in the bush in the presence of over 230 students from Barpello High School and with community members. Robert’s mother was not there. If BHS had not taken the body from the mortuary, it would have been left there, only to be discarded in some weeks. We bought a soda for all present, to help make the occasion rise a little above the sadness.Thanks for your support.   Fr David”
Fr Conway told me he found the funeral a very, very difficult occasion. The family of course had no money so the school paid £1400 to cover all the hospital and funeral costs.  I have asked him if the Pound a Week Group could help the family in any way and will keep you informed. Since then a  number of members have already asked if they could help. I would like to include something in my next transfer of funds for Fr Conway to give to the family and if anyone would like to make a small contribution, have a word with me or alternatively just pop a donation into one of the orange Pound a Week Group envelopes and place it in the collection basket.
Eugene McGivern. Tel 01483-893379 or at emcgivern@btinternet.com

54ece08b7b574b559d1b798a48307738.jpgADORE (Alton Day Of REnewal) – Saturday 28th October 11.00-4.00 You are warmly welcome to a mini-retreat day (or morning/afternoon) of spiritual refreshment and renewal, focussing on the Charisms or gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For more information and directions, see poster or website: www.altonrenewal.com or telephone Deacon John Foley on 07769 251747.

ortolunchwithus.png TUESDAY 31st OCTOBER – NO not trick or treat – just treat. Do please join our monthly Parish lunch following the 11:30 am Mass at Bramley. There will be the usual heart-warming two course meal with drinks of your choice. Please sign the lists in the Church porches or phone Ann (07795608823) to book your place. Looking forward to spreading light and lunch with you.

timthumb.php.jpegTues 31st October – The over 50’s coffee morning will recommence at 10.30-12noon in the Parish Room.  Please come along and invite your friends to this informal friendly gathering.

Remembering-All-Souls-On-November-2nd-All-Souls-Day.jpg Wed1st/2nd November Feast of All Saints and All Souls

This year the Feast of All Saints will be held on Wednesday 1st November. There will be a sung Mass at Bramley at 8pm. School Mass at 10am in Cranleigh

All Souls is the following day, Thursday 2nd November. There will be sung Mass at 8pm at Bramley. Said Mass at 10am in Cranleigh During this mass, the congregation are invited to light candles in commemoration of their departed family and friends.

welcome.jpgSaturday 4th November – The Parish would like to invite all newcomers to the Parish to an evening reception following the 6pm Mass in Cranleigh.   If you have recently become involved in the Cranleigh or Bramley Parish, for whatever reason, or know of someone who would like to be included, please let the Parish Office know that you would like to attend.

lighting-candle-over-grave-annual-blessing-graves-ratchaburi-province-thailand-73888668.jpgSunday 5th November – The Parish holds an annual blessing of graves in Cranleigh at 12.30pm.   Please let the Parish Office know of any graves that you would like to be blessed ahead of this date.   Votive candles can be brought prior to the event.

5bHXr1sNnj.jpg Saturday 11th November- Readers and Ministers of the Parish are invited to join the Day of Recollection in Cranleigh on 11th November 2017.  Please sign yourself into this day on the Parish Events Page.

images.jpegConfirmation Programme – Parents meeting on Monday 30th October at 7.30pm to go through the plans for this year’s programme.  Please sign your child up to the programme on the Parish Events page of the website.

courses-8.jpgTo Parents of Teenagers; whether you are enjoying every minute or finding it a hard slog there is lots to be learnt from each other. Come and join us for six sessions to chat and relax. We will be using the Alpha parenting course to structure our discussions. Booking essential in order to cater for the wine… and the materials!! If you are interested please let the Parish Office know, charge of £10 to cover materials, dates; November 1/8/15/22/29/December 6th 7.30-9.30 Cranleigh Parish room

requiem-font-1-big.png Saturday 18th November – The Parish will be holding a Requiem Mass on Saturday 18th November.   This Mass is intended to remember all those recently departed in our community.  Please come if you would like to remember someone special.  Please forward this message onto anyone who you think would like to attend.

Milford_1.jpgTuesday 21st November – If you would like to join the Parish Outing to Squires Garden Centre at Milford please put your name and telephone number on the lists in the Church Porches.   Transport can be arranged for you, there will be a lunch of your choice and there is a huge selection of Christmas shopping and of course the plant centre.

18mnquyoxw858jpg.jpgChristmas Decorations – We are looking to recruit a decorating team to dress the Cranleigh Church for the advent season one weekend possibly 16+17/12.   Please contact the office if you would like to be part of this team.

St_Joseph's_RC_Church,_Eastgate_Gardens,_Guildford_(April_2014)_(Front).JPGThursday 15th February 2018 – Please note there will be a 7-9pm Recollection Meeting for Extraordinary Ministers at St Josephs in Guildford.

3753883_1_O.jpgCongratulations to the 300 Club winners for October.  1st prize to The Southwell Family, 2nd to R Boodle, 3rd to M Hough.29

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