27th Sunday OT – 06.10.19

27th Sunday OT – 06.10.19

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harvest-2014-will-you-make-a-place-at-your-table-banner-for-standard-pages_layout-large.jpgSpecial Collection for CAFOD this Sunday

Through our worship in prayer and liturgy we seek always to become a
community of faith, hope and love, building inclusive 
relationships with people of faith and none, reaching out to those in need

Parish Mission Statement

Dear brothers and sisters

It’s good to be back with you refreshed and re-created after my annual holiday.  Thank you to all who kept things ticking over and to the visiting priests who celebrated mass for us.

Whilst away I went to a different church (obviously) and experienced things from what you might call a “lay perspective” as I sat next to Helen in the pews with everyone else.

At the church we attended one thing in particular struck me which I want to share with you.  I emphasise, at this point, that this is not a telling off by comparison but what follows is offered in the spirit of helping us to learn what is good and what is better.

In this particular church what struck me was silence.  Most particularly an absence of loud chatter before mass – and after mass too, as it happens.  I will be the first to admit that the church building design helped this in no small way because when people entered the church there was a huge narthex before entering the worship space – the nave.  This meant that most, if not entirely all, of the greeting and news sharing happened before people came into the church proper.  However, even in the church there was an air of stillness and of silence and it helped enormously in getting prepared for mass.  Some people did talk together – but quietly!  In hushed tones rather like in a library.  And that comparison made me think that we have lost the art of silence in our church but the library hasn’t.  I wonder why that is?

I think one of the reasons is that we understand that people are reading and trying to absorb information which is so difficult to do when surrounded by endless chatter.  So, everyone – even those just browsing for a new book keep quiet – as a mark of respect and to enable a quiet, reflective atmosphere.  It helps focus the mind.  Also, we might be wary of speaking too loudly for fear that the librarian, or other public spirited person will glare at us and loudly whisper HUSH!!!!.

As we are trying to make church a more welcoming place perhaps we are in our own way wary – but wary of offending others by suggesting that they might be talking too loudly and interrupting others who are trying, not to read a book, but pray to God and still their minds so as to be receptive to what God, and we, are going to be doing together.  It is embarrassing to ask people to “be quiet, please”.  So, what we have to do is something else.

I would like us to foster – that is to say develop, an attitude of stillness and silence within the main body of the Churches.  Try to overcome the desire to greet everyone loudly and share gossip and news.  If you cannot overcome that feeling – why not go outside to do it?  But better still, try to overcome it altogether so that you too can focus on God.  You can prepare your mind and heart to praise Him.  You can reflect on your life and think of what you really mean when you say “I confess…”.  You can think of the people you are going to offer your mass for and their circumstances and needs.  You can think of what thanksgivings you are going to mention in your prayers.  You can pray for the readers and ministers and for me (if you don’t mind!) as your priest.  You can read through the scriptures of the day asking God to open your heart to receive His Word.  And so on.

Once mass is finished NOW is the opportunity to go for a coffee (or help with it), to chat with your friends and make newcomers welcome.  Having been bathed in grace, for which you have prepared well, you will also be well placed to be gracious and Christlike to those around you and to reveal Christ at home within you.         God bless you all.  Fr David

Unknown-2.jpegCAFOD’s Family Fast Day has a long tradition of supporting communities around the world and this year, on Friday 4 October 2019.  On Family Fast Day, we invite you to eat a simple meal for lunch or dinner and give the money saved to help children like Fabiano. You can make it an event by inviting your family, friends and fellow parishioners to join you in having a simple soup lunch or supper.

Your parish’s support this Family Fast Day will help provide training, tools and resources to some of the world’s poorest people – empowering them to build a brighter future.   Get involved at cafod.org.uk/fastday

Unknown.jpegCTC Harvest.  An Interdenominational service to celebrate HARVEST will be held at the METHODIST CHURCH in CRANLEIGH at 6.30pm on SUNDAY 6th OCT.  All our churches are participating so please let us have a good representation from our own church community.

Mission Sunday Poster 2.pngWORLD MISSION SUNDAY

World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday 20 October 2019, which is a vitally important part of the Extraordinary Month of Mission this year. On this day, the whole Church unites in an act of universal solidarity in prayer for its missionary activity and in collecting funds to support communities globally that are poor or in need. Around 40% of Church membership falls into this category.

Missio is proud to be the Pope’s charity for world mission; this year’s World Mission Sunday theme is Together we are Mission.

This collection is one of three mandatory universal collections, the other two being for the Holy Places on Good Friday and Peter’s Pence. 

red-box.jpgMissio Red Boxes

I and the team of parish promoters would like to collect the monies from the Red Boxes during September/October. Most box holders should be contacted by their promoter direct but if you are not, could you leave your box in the Sacristy at Bramley or Cranleigh. Please ensure your name is on the bottom of your box for identification.  Many thanks for your support.  Fran Pickett. Tel. 01483 276614 Email nickpickett1948@gmail.com”


To enable Ministers across our Deanery to fulfil their annual obligation to attend a time of Reflection, there will in the Catholic Parish of GUILDFORD,  on Saturday 19th October at St Edward’s Church Hall, Sutton Park, from 9.15 until 12.30pm such a time.   Please let our Parish Secretary Sandy know if you would like to attend as numbers will be limited. (01483 562704 Email: Office@cpg.church)  Fr Roy

img_mouseover3-1.jpgCelebrating a Special Anniversary?

We have a great number of couples joining us at Arundel on October 12 to celebrate their particular anniversaries, but we would love you to join us !

Mass is at Arundel Cathedral  at 12noon celebrated by Bishop Richard .   Please do contact Katherine Bergin on Katherine.bergin@abdiocese.org.uk for further details.

Mental Health Project.png
World Mental Health Day 10th October 2019
The Ecumenical Mental Health Project Surrey and Sussex

Our Diocese is currently working with the Anglican Diocese of Guildford, the Anglican Diocese of Chichester through their ‘Together in Sussex’ initiative, the South Eastern Baptist Association and Sussex partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  The purpose of this work is to improve understanding and reduce stigma around mental health issues in our churches in Surrey and Sussex.  The research is clear that good spiritual support to believers who are experiencing mental health issues is often a key factor in their recovery.

Our first step is to ensure all those who are experiencing difficulty in our churches know,

  • where to go for the help they need from local services,
  • that their church community accepts them
  • and is working to understand what will help them feel safe, welcome and to flourish.

I enclose a simple poster of contacts for those in mental health or practical crisis, the two often go hand in hand.  This poster has been displayed on our notice boards and is available for your information and to help anyone suffering from a crisis.  I urge you to read it and become familiar with it.  Who knows – it could be you who needs it.

Christmas Fair 1.pngChristmas Fair 2.png

Traidcraft Logo - B and W.JPGI am looking for someone to take over the Traidcraft stall at Bramley in the next few weeks/months. Great for DofE volunteering or to boost your CV/Personal statement. The commitment is around 20 mins each week but is flexible. If interested feel free to send me an email ash.reed@btinternet.com Thanks, Ashleigh Reed

Cardinal.pngBlessed John Henry Newman will be canonised at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome on 13th October.    The Diocese will be represented in Rome by accompanied groups of students from both Cardinal Newman School in Hove and Cardinal Newman Primary School in Hersham.  Bishop Richard will also attend the Mass of Canonisation on the 13th. Bishop Philip Boyce, O.C.D. writes of Newman that “When Benedict XVI beatified the great English Newman in Birmingham on 19 September 2010, he underlined the relevance of Newman’s holiness and ministry for our days with the following words: “The definite service to which Blessed John Henry was called involved applying his keen intellect and his prolific pen to many of the most pressing ‘subjects of the day’. His insights into the relationship between faith and reason, into the vital place of revealed religion in civilized society, and into the need for a broadly-based and wide-ranging approach to education were not only of profound importance for Victorian England but continue today to inspire and enlighten many all over the world. … And indeed, what better goal could teachers of religion set themselves than Blessed John Henry’s famous appeal for an intelligent, well-instructed laity: ‘I want a laity, not arrogant, not rash in speech, not disputatious, but men who know their religion, who enter into it, who know just where they stand, who know what they hold and what they do not, who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it, who know so much of history that they can defend it’ (The Present Position of Catholics in England, ix, 390).
As the day approaches when the author of those words will be raised to the altars, I pray that, through his intercession and example, all who are engaged in the task of teaching and catechesis will be inspired to greater effort by the vision he so clearly sets before us”

Now Pope Francis will canonize Blessed John Henry Newman, who is indeed a shining example of holiness touching many people in the depth of their hearts and shedding the light of truth in their minds amid the darkness of today’s world.”

Slow Shopping.png

You are warmly invited to a presentation of the second episode of ‘Catholicism – a journey to the heart of the faith’, by the acclaimed author and speaker Bishop Robert Barron, on Saturday, October 12th, 2019.This is a Chilworth Abbey Study Day given by Fr John Seddon OSB, who will con-textualise the episode and then teach and lead discussion about its subject matter. The day begins with Mass at 9.00 am, followed by coffee. The second film, which is entitled ‘Happy are we: the teachings of Jesus’ will be shown, chapter by chapter followed by teaching and discussion. Midday prayer and lunch will divide the day which concludes around 4.00 pm. Come to all or part of the day as it suits you. Bring a packed lunch and if you can, a friend. Tea and coffee is provided. St Augustine’s Abbey, Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, Near Guildford. GU4 8QR.

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