25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

By In Newsletter Blog On October 19, 2019

Dear Parishioners,

Picnic.pngOn your behalf I want to thank Sandra Hyde who heads the Community and Social team within the parish for organising last weekend’s mass and picnic on the Wintershall estate.  I know that Sandra will be quick to thank many others from outside her team who made the day such a success, but it is the Community and Social team who were responsible for the coordination of the event.

We were blessed with fine weather for which Fr David claims responsibility but also a magnificent setting for which we all owe a great debt of thanks to Peter and Ann Hutley, thank you both.

The event marked a key point in the evolution of the Mission Team 10 yr plan to reverse the decline in mass attendance by growing a still healthier more inclusive, vibrant, loving, community, united in faith in Cranleigh and Bramley.

The milestone met is the successful formation of the five teams that will deliver change over time throughout the parish.

  1. Prayer and Liturgy
  2. Outreach
  3. Children, Youth and Family
  4. Community and Social
  5. Communications and Admin

These teams will operate in consultation with parishioners, Fr David and all that want to be involved.

The formation of the five teams means that those generous, established volunteers in the parish are now afforded an umbrella team to support them in the great work that they already perform and can possibly look to achieve things that were up until now not possible. 

With thanks from the Parish Mission Team

ParishLunch1-1.pngPlease note the Parish Lunch will not take place on Tuesday 4th September, instead it will take place on Tuesday 1st October following Mass at 11.30am.   Please ring Dinah 271241 or Bev 892712 if you would like to attend.   Please sign up in the porches, transport can be arranged if you know of someone who may like to attend.

Unknown.jpegCTC Harvest.  An Interdenominational service to celebrate HARVEST will be held at the METHODIST CHURCH in CRANLEIGH at 6.30pm on SUNDAY 6th OCT.  All our churches are participating so please let us have a good representation from our own church community.

CAMEO-Logo-with-text.pngThe next CAMEO evening will take place on Tuesday 1st October 7.30pm at the Cranleigh Lady Chapel.   Lucy Hall will present “The Story of the Church Year” and then join tea, coffee and discussion in the Parish Meeting Room.  This evening is intended for all ladies of the parish whatever their generation.  If you would like some spirituality in your busy lives, then please join us.

National-Tea-Day-When-is-National-Tea-Day-How-to-make-the-perfect-cup-of-tea-949298.jpgThe over 50’s Coffee mornings will take place next Tuesday 8th October 10.30am in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room and every second Tuesday of the month thereafter.  Everybody is welcome and please bring your friends from the Cranleigh & Bramley community. 

Please note the Reflection Day planned for 28 September is cancelled until further notice. 

Unknown-1.jpegSTRAWBERRY CREAM TEA  Saturday 21st September 3-5pm in St Nicolas Church Rooms. FREE COMMUNITY EVENT with entertainment and raffle supporting THE MEATH EPILEPSY CHARITY based in Godalming. Please ring 274376 to book. Transport is available if required. All are very welcome to attend.  See the notice in the church porch.

red-box.jpgMissio Red Boxes  the team of parish promoters would like to collect the monies from the Red Boxes during September/October. Most box holders should be contacted by their promoter direct but if you are not, could you leave your box in the Sacristy at Bramley or Cranleigh. Please ensure your name is on the bottom of your box for identification.

Screenshot 2019-07-05 10.12.55.pngCONFIRMATION  The parents session took place this week and applications for inclusion can be sent to the Parish Office.  The first session will take place in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on Sunday 13th October 2-4pm.   Further dates can be requested from the Parish Office.  Please join this session if you would like to be included on the course. 

0e7482782_1529620321_baptism-web-new.jpgBAPTISM  The next baptism course will take place on 10thand 17th October in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room at 7.30pm.  If you would like to be included in these sessions please contact the Parish Office.

Screenshot 2019-07-05 10.13.53.pngFIRST HOLY COMMUNION  Applications are being received for those joining the forthcoming FHC Class.  The first session will be held in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on Tuesday 8thOctober at 7.30pm.   Please bring your registration form and fee along with Baptism Certificate to this session.  Further details can be provided by the Parish Office. 

news-scraping-using-beautifulsop-and-python-20190126-739348c9e1e245dab9008b291dc82376.jpgPokot News  Last week we sent £4,000 to Fr Sean McGovern at the Rotu Mission. £1,792 was to pay the 2019/20 university and college fees of some students being sponsored by members of the Pound a Week Group.  £1,000 was to enable Fr Sean to reimburse his school and nursery accounts for the funds he borrowed to pay for his medical team to tackle the malaria outbreak in a remote part of his Mission parish.

The balance was to pay Mission expenses including the purchase of six new tyres and tubes for his Land Cruiser truck. He told that his Mission is four hours drive from the nearest metalled road and tyres take a terrible beating on the rural tracks. He also sent me the following two reports.

“Things have been hectic here for the past week or more.  The malaria campaign has been so far a great success, despite the fact that several people had sadly died before the  alarm was raised. I think we were the first to react. And then the government clinic in Chemolingot sent out a team. So they were taking it seriously. Then on our recent clinic to Chesawach  (the Mission outstation) we found the Red Cross in the field. They kindly gave us a supply of malaria test kits of which we were running short.
And finally a group of my friends from the medical school in Nairobi came.

Sadly they couldn’t make it to Rotu as they ‘feared the road’. In fairness there was rain around but very little at Rotu. They did leave a very generous supply of medicines for us at Kapunyan dispensary yesterday. We sent a car for them. Not fearing the road!!
In brief there’s been a great response to the cry for help and the campaign has been a fair success. We continue to monitor the situation.

The little medics house at the Mission which the Pound a Week Group paid for is now complete and very comfortable it is too. Two qualified medics have moved in. Here are a couple of photos.  A thousand thanks to the Pound a Week Group for their great support.”   If anyone would like to see the photos and get further reports by email, please let me know.

Eugene McGivern (01483-893379 or emcgivern@btinternet.com)

Unknown-2.jpeg  CAFOD’s Family Fast Day has a long tradition of supporting communities around the world and this year, on Friday 4 October 2019, we’re inviting you to eat simply and give to help people in poverty.

People like Fabiano.

Fabiano’s village in rural Uganda has been devastated by drought. Every day, children would trek miles for water, risking their education – and safety.  Donations from parishioners across England and Wales helped install a solar-powered water pump in the village. Now Fabiano and his friends can collect water quickly and safely.On Family Fast Day, we invite you to eat a simple meal for lunch or dinner and give the money saved to help children like Fabiano. You can make it an event by inviting your family, friends and fellow parishioners to join you in having a simple soup lunch or supper.

Your parish’s support this Family Fast Day will help provide training, tools and resources to some of the world’s poorest people – empowering them to build a brighter future.   Get involved at cafod.org.uk/fastday

Slow shopping – helping more of us enjoy our great High Street What is Slow Shopping®? 

Slow Shopping provides dedicated shopping times for those that find going shopping a challenge. This includes those of us living with physical or cognitive disabilities, visible or invisible.

Unknown-3.jpegSMART Cranleigh is working in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and supermarkets to develop Slow Shopping in the village which we hope will start in the Autumn. Funded by retailers and Surrey County Council, our aim is to provide more support for people on one morning or afternoon every week.

Slow Shopping aims to reduce the number of isolated people by encouraging them to more confidently shop, knowing there will be someone with more patience and understanding. We already know that the state of pavements, having a place to sit and find a loo nearby are also important.

We hope this will encourage more people living in and around Cranleigh to come into the village High Street, confident in the quality of customer care and kindness, that makes all the difference. Activities such as a leisurely trip to the shops, a coffee with friends  or a visit to the Arts Centre’s free exhibitions can be the first steps to a healthier and fulfilling life.

We know that many Cranleigh shops are is already doing a great job with some inspiring stories about the lengths many staff have gone to, but we can do better!

Together, we must find new solutions to reduce prevent unnecessary everyday struggles. Slow Shopping will help both the customers and the retailers, recognising the uniqueness of the High Street. Although Slow Shopping is being rolled out across England, Cranleigh would be the first community in Surrey to bring SLOW shopping to its high street.

SMART Cranleigh is also developing a Community Directory and Calendar.  Please do drop into Oliver House Community Point to have a sit down, coffee and chat and find out more about what is going on.  Making Cranleigh a true destination

Slow Shopping -Come along and find out more.

There will be training sessions available for businesses and other interested organisations on 11th September. More information from: Info@smartcranleigh.org

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