25th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 23rd September 2018

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 23rd September 2018

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There is a second collection today for the Home Missions My-Image20.jpg

Friday is CAFOD Harvest Fast Day – Voluntary Collection for CAFOD next Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters

There is a lot of wisdom in James’ letter which we have been reading at mass for a while now.  James – the brother of the Lord – was the leader of the church in Jerusalem and one of the twelve apostles.  James writes as a pastor, that is, one who has care for a community that is ‘becoming’ rather than has ‘become’ – still on pilgrimage rather than having arrived. There is a lot of transformation in the community that needs to happen, and this means that individuals have to change in order for that to happen.  This process then, as now, can be a painfully slow and a frustrating one for a pastor. Any pastor!

We are creatures of habit with ingrained ways of thinking and behaving that have to be put through a process of conversion in order to become true disciples.  Formed by the ways of the world and by personal preferences James’ church community took a long time to adopt the wisdom that comes from above – but it wasn’t only James community – if you read a history of the early church up to and beyond the time of Constantine the Great you will find a church riven by factions, riots, sometimes murders and beatings, greed and selfishness, sectarianism as this bishop or that bishop was preferred then disowned and deprived of their see, banishment.  It wasn’t always a pretty sight to be sure!  But gradually, bit by bit (but very slowly) the communities grew in maturity and holiness and old habits were changed and dropped in favour of new, more life giving relationships.

James says clearly that despite praying for things people in his community don’t get what they want because they don’t pray ‘properly’ – they ‘have prayed for something to indulge [their] own desires’.  These desires are impure – the result of ‘desires fighting inside your own selves.’  This is still true for all of us today – none of us pray perfectly, or purely – we are blinded by selfish desires, petty hatreds and resentments, jealousies and hurts tended and nursed.  Jesus’ remedy for this is to become as ‘little children’.  This means allowing Jesus to put his arms around us.  That means letting go of pride.  Letting go of pride means adopting humility.

When a whole community is humble from the top down to the littlest it becomes an open community welcoming the strangeness of others which become, not a challenge but a kind of completion of what is lacking from within.  A blessing in other words.

With my love from France!  Please bless Fr Kevin and make him most welcome.  Much love, as always.  Fr David

img.ashx.jpegAngel Voices – A Millennium of Music

Including works by Hildegard of Bingen, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, Cecilia McDowall, Ola Gjeilo

CANTILENA   Director: Jenny Hansell

Saturday 6th October 2018 7.30pm

Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind Church, St Nicolas Avenue, Cranleigh GU6 7AQ

Tickets £12, cantilena.info@gmail.com, 01483 275489

ortolunchwithus.pngThe Next Bramley Parish Lunchwill take place on Tuesday 25th September.   Please sign up in the porches if you would like to attend and if a lift is required. All are welcome.

img_1552.pngThe next Over 50’s coffee morningwill take place in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room at 10.30am on Wednesday 10th October.  This is open to all friends of our community and if you know of someone who would like a lift or an invite please contact Jane Graham or Susan Knowles.

CSD-PP-Logo.gifBishop Richard will be launching the Diocesan Pastoral Planon 18 September to clergy and staff, and then deanery by deanery to everyone else. You will be able to view a brief video on the website from 18 September outlining the basic details of the plan. www.dabnet.org

CAMEO-Yorkshire-Come-And-Meet-Each-Other-e1498213950610.jpgThe Ladies CAMEOgroup gathers in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room on the first Tuesday of each month.  The next meeting Tuesday 2nd October.   If anyone has a skill they would like to teach or a speaker to bring to the group please contact the Parish Office.  Otherwise it will be open for 2-200 people whom ever would like to come along for a get together.

send-usyour-news-800x474.jpgWith effect from October the Parish will be publishing a bumper issue of the newsletterwith all the necessary information for that month.   Each weekend Mass will be supplied with the Timetable of Mass and Devotions along with the readings for that weekends Masses.   If you have any articles of interest that you would like included in the October [or November] issue please send them direct to the Parish Office by 17th September at the latest.

340020.jpgMasses of Bunches of Grapes to be collected from Cranleigh if anyone in the Parish is interested in making their own wine or knows someone who would be interested.   A small donation to the Parish Meeting Room fund would be welcome.  Please contact Elizabeth Waldie on 268086.

baptism-600x400.jpgPlease note the following dates for the Parish Baptism Course for the next 13 months.   If you, or someone you know of, is thinking of Baptism for their child please register on the Parish Website Events Page.   All sessions will take place in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.

11th and 18th October 7.30-9.00pm

Please see the Parish Events page of the website to sign up to the next Baptism Course.

Marriage-Page-banner.jpg Marriage Anniversaries Mass: Are You Celebrating a Special Wedding Anniversary in 2018? Come and Celebrate with us! Marriage Anniversaries Mass at St Joseph’s Church, Ladbroke Road, Redhill, RH1 1LF, on Saturday, 6th October, at 11.30 am. Registration Essential: Book at rosie.read@dabnet.org or 01293 651161

confirmation_1.jpgThe confirmation programme is for young people (year 10 at school) who desire to take on a personal faith and find out more about living life as a Christian in today’s world. The programme runs from each October through to mid-June (depending on the Bishop’s availability).  Young people are usually confirmed as part of a Deanery celebration together with other parishes from the Guildford Deanery. Please register your interest on the Parish Events webpage.

talent-night-e1447056880641-325x137.jpg Way back in the spring, I booked a venue for the Parish Talent night, and sent a “save the date”.  It’s now time to “make it happen”, with your help, by filling the roster with you and your family’s talents, or by volunteering with organisation.

Sat 10th Nov, 2018 7:30pm at Cranleigh Band Room GU6 8AF

We have a compere, microphones, P.A. and some instruments will be available, contact us for your needs. Just for fun and fundraising (no Simon Cowell!)- all welcome!

I have booked an practice session for Sunday 7th Oct – all day from 1pm, at Cranleigh band room.  This will be informal, so people can drop-in as they please and chat about the event, and their act if they wish.  There will be a PA and some musical equipment so anyone can have a run-through, if they want, or just see the venue.

If you wish to appear please register your interest :

jcromtalent@gmail.com or the Parish office 01483 272075 jcromcloud@icloud.com

With thanks from Paul Lepki

Unknown-3.jpegOur Harvest Festival Masses will take place on 7th and 8th October.  Please bring your non-perishable food items and toiletries in for Number Five around this time.

family-fast-day-logo-lent-2018.jpgCAFOD Family Fast Day prayer – Harvest 2018

Creator God. in love you give life.

In your generosity you create the gifts of the earth.  As daughters and sons of the same Father, may we learn

to share the plentiful gifts of creation, especially with those most in need.

Give us open hands and loving hearts, so that we take less and give more.  We ask that all may benefit from your goodness, and share in the fullness of life you have promised.   Amen.

Fast, pray and give Family Fast Day:  Friday 5 October 2018

Pray with us: cafod.org.uk/prayers  Follow us on twitter @CAFODprayer

missio-3.jpgMissio Red BoxesThe team of parish promoters would like to collect the monies from the Red Boxes during September. Most box holders should be contacted by their promoter direct but if you are not, could you leave your box in the Sacristy at Bramley or Cranleigh. Please ensure your name is on the bottom of your box for identification. Many thanks for your support. Fran Pickett. Tel. 01483 276614 Email nickpickett1948@gmail.com”

2E9B921F00000578-0-image-m-22_1450198907522.jpgTHE NATIVITY Come and enjoy the ‘real’ Christmas story at Wintershall

Stand with shepherds in the field and see Mary arrive on a donkey. Sit in the barn where the baby Jesus lies in his manger. A timeless, memorable experience for young and old as we bring the story of Christmas to life for you.

Adult £18 & Child £9

Family £50 (2 adults & 2 children)

12 December 4:30pm & 7pm

13 December 4:30pm & 7pm

14 December 4:30pm & 7pm

15 December 11am, 2pm & 5pm

16 December 2pm & 5pm

Each performance lasts approximately 90 minutes.  Holly Barn, Wintershall, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0LR  Wintershall CIO, Charity Number 1167111  BOOK NOW!


Book tickets now on our website: www.wintershall-estate.com

or by calling 01793 418299

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