1st Sunday of Advent – 01.12.19

1st Sunday of Advent – 01.12.19

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Apologies and correction – the Special Collection for KiSS introduced by The Allan Family at Masses is THIS weekend.

 This weekend we have a pastoral letter from Bishop Richard.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Advent is upon us and the appeal from the Lord so urgent and insistent.  Stay awake! – “Because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”  Yet most people see Advent as a time to celebrate not a ‘coming’ as a future event but solely as an historical one.

But Advent is a time to prepare for a threefold ‘coming’ of Christ.  In his incarnation as man at his birth in the manger in Bethlehem.  Then God entered into human affairs in a decisive but gentle manner.

Then there is Jesus’ coming to us in ‘mystery’ as the Church puts it, during our celebrations of the Eucharist and in the mystery of the Church itself.  Nourishing His people, he unites them to his passion, death and resurrection and makes us his Body – the Body of Christ – the Church.

The third Advent, or coming, of Christ is one we await at the end of time when Christ will come as judge of all the earth and those who have done righteous deeds will be gathered at his right side.  However, those who have fallen asleep ‘on the job’ will be gathered with the goats and sent to ‘everlasting punishment’.  The Collect for today asks that we might have the courage to run forth with good deeds at his coming and so be gathered at his right hand.

Now, it may be that, we lack the confidence to ‘run forth’ – perhaps ‘creep forth’ might be more apt for us!  Well, then Advents is an opportunity to do something effective and concrete about it.  Please make use of opportunities for study, prayer and reconciliation.  God Bless.  Father David

Next Sunday we are coming together for a big pre-Christmas celebration for the whole parish.  This idea was proposed by the Social Committee and the pattern that prevailed when it happened every year at St Thomas More’s Church in Bramley has been adopted.  That is to say, in order to bring people together who normally wouldn’t manage that we are having, once again, just ONE big Sunday celebration.  This has been timed so that we can all enjoy a big party, too, immediately afterwards.  Whether the Party is a success or not depends upon us as a community.  Do we wish to strengthen our friendships, or do we just want ‘mass’ – and mass when I want it or expect it?  Do I want to socialise with the people I know, or do the friendships I could make but haven’t yet, matter?

One of the things that is said about Christmas as it is generally experienced nowadays is that it can be a lonely affair for many people – the elderly, those whose children have left home or are far away, the divorced or bereaved, or for those who have just got into the habit of doing their own thing.  We are trying to find ways to strengthen the bonds of community and church in as many ways as we can.  It’s not just about that though – it’s about having some fun together and letting our hair down a bit, perhaps.  Have you signed up to come?  And could you offer a dish of something yummy to share?  Please do.

Parish Mission Statement
Through our worship, in prayer and liturgy, we seek always to become a community of faith, hope and love, building inclusive relationships with people of faith and none,
reaching out to those in need.

advent_reconciliation.pngAdvent Reconciliations  With the shortage of priests, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gather a large number together all in one place – especially at busy times of the year.  And yet, certain things should have a priority – and some of those things are the sacraments. This year I am offering you a:

Day of Reconciliation on Saturday the 14th November  We shall begin with a Mass of Reconciliation at 10am in the morning at Cranleigh and then there will be several (many) opportunities during the day to come and make your confession, or to come for a spiritual chat.  It will be with me, but I hope that by now you understand that I am, like you, a sinner.  I do not judge you but am there for you to unburden yourself to the Lord and speak on His behalf the words of compassion, mercy and forgiveness that he wants to say to you.  I am also excellent at forgetting!

I will be in the church on the hour every hour throughout the day after mass until the Vigil in the evening.  I will stay in the confessional for 10 minutes if no one is around but return the next hour.  I will leave several copies of a little examination of conscience and a small penitential liturgy for you to pray through before you come to confession and reconciliation.  You might, for instance come at ½ past the hour and spend half an hour in prayer preparing for the sacrament.

I do hope many of you will use this opportunity to “make a straight way for the Lord.”

May God bless you all.  Fr David

news-scraping-using-beautifulsop-and-python-20190126-739348c9e1e245dab9008b291dc82376.jpgMass will take place in Bramley at 11am on Thursday 12th December

bereavement-support-banner-with-daisy-300x124.jpgBereavement Mass at 11am and Lunch at midday will take place on Saturday 30th November.  This is open to anyone who may be bereaved and have lost a loved one recently, or at any time in the past, to come together with members of the community for support.   The lunch is open to anyone and we offer it out to the wider villages community if you know of someone who may like to join.  Please extend the invitation and RSVP to the Parish Office so catering can be arranged.

tabletopsale.pngRaising Funds for Pokot  On Sunday 1st December there will be a general sale of items in the Parish Room, St Thomas More after Mass. there may be an opportunity to buy some presents and there will certainly be an opportunity to support the current project in Pokot to train seamstresses.

There is one item for sale: the full set of Inspector Rebus books by Ian Rankin – 22 bks for £45 I can be contacted thro’ the parish office if necessary.  All monies received will go to Pokot.

CAMEO-Logo-with-text.png The next CAMEO evening will take place on Tuesday 3rd December in the Cranleigh Parish Meeting Room.   This is an informal gathering of the ladies of the Parish.  On this occasion Joan Morris will be organising a quiz, so please come and join us.  Further details can be obtained from the Parish Office

Coffee-cake.pngThe next Cranleigh Coffee Morning will take place on 10th December 10.30pm.  Please join and bring a friend from the village.  All are welcome.

Christmas-Lunch.jpgChristmas Lunch – this month’s lunch will be a Christmas Dinner on Tuesday 17th December after the 11.30 Mass at Bramley. £7.00 for a 3-course traditional dinner in the Bramley Parish Room! Please sign up on the sheet in the Bramley porch or call Dinah (tel: 271 241) or Bev (tel: 892 712) to book a seat. We look forward to seeing you there!

CarolService-960x675.pngThe Cranleigh Villages Carol Service will take place in St Nicolas Church on Sunday 22nd December from 6.30pm.

 What is a Week of Guided Prayer?  It’s a great opportunity to further your own spiritual journey wherever you feel you’re at . . . accompanied by a trained Prayer Guide.   Intrigued? Interested? Want to know more?  The week will be held from 8th -14th February 2020 at St Joan of Arc Church, Farnham, GU9 8DJ.    Keep a look out for more notices/information – and grab that booking form when it comes your way soon!

You are warmly invited to an hour of Music, Scripture Meditation, Adoration & Prayer, with special focus on
The God who speaks – the Year of the Bible“,
which will be celebrated by the whole Catholic Church in England and Wales in 2020.

St Joan’s Church. 19 Tilford Road, Farnham GU9 8DJ

Wednesday 4th December 8.00-9.00pm

(Silent Adoration from 7.30pm)


Christmas Eve

6pm                 JCROM First Mass

11.30pm           STM                 Midnight Mass

Christmas Day

9am                  STM                 Mass at Cockcrow

11am                JCROM Mass of Christmas Day

Hello everyone. We Allan’s are spending Christmas and New Year in Uganda this year. My sister is a founding trustee of a charity there, which has been working to enable children to access education for over 25 years.  You can read more about the work of KiSS (Kiddies Support Scheme) here www.kiddiessupportscheme.org

We are raising money to support the work of KiSS and start a rabbit project within the already developed agriculture project. This project aims to ensure children and their families have a long-term sustainable income. This enables families to provide school fees themselves, creating autonomy and moving away from their reliance on constant donations.  Education really is a priceless gift, which provides hope for a better future.

If you are able to donate any amount no matter how small we would be very grateful and for the record the donations are to fund the KiSS projects not the Allan’s holiday!

We will be talking (briefly) after each Mass at the end of the month but didn’t want to miss anyone who might be away that weekend! Thank you in advance and please pray for us and the great work of KiSS.  With love the Allan’s.

lions_logo_2010_400x400.jpgCranleigh Lions Club – Project Wenceslas

Please consider helping Cranleigh Lions to help others by taking part in Project Wenceslas and donating some or, perhaps, all of your Winter Fuel Payment to us.   The Winter Fuel Payment is paid to those born on or before 5th April 1954 and those living in the UK for at least one day during the week of 16th – 22nd September 2019 – this is called the “Qualifying Week”.  This payment is not means tested, it is tax free and will not affect other benefits.  The payment is £200, or £100 each for a couple, and increased to £300 for those born on or before 22nd September 1939.  If you are eligible you will usually get the payment automatically. Most payments are made in November and December. You may need to claim it if you have not had it before or if certain conditions apply – details at www.gov.uk. You have until 31st March 2020 to claim for winter 2019-2020.  Cranleigh Lions are asking that if you do not need this money you donate your Winter Fuel Payment, or some of it, to the Cranleigh Lions’ Wenceslas Project.  Working in conjunction with the Citizens Advice Bureau, Barnados (taking over from SureStart), local churches and other organisations funds will be used to help local people who have problems with their fuel bills. Some even have to choose between heating or eating.  Money is not given to individuals – we make payment direct to energy companies or we top pre-payment cards up with cash.  If you would like to help those who are unable to keep warm this winter please consider donating your Winter Fuel Payment or some of it to Cranleigh Lions.  If you are a UK tax payer we can also claim Gift Aid on your donation which means we can help more people. Bear in mind that Gift Aided donations can be included on your tax return.  Please see our website www.cranleighlions.org for more details and donations can be made quickly and simply online at www.cranleighlions.org/projectwenceslas.  Thank you

Wintershall-Nativity-2.jpgWednesday 18th –  Sunday 22nd December
Wintershall Nativity, Holly Barn, Wintershall
Bramley, Surrey GU5 0LR

Stand with shepherds in the field and see Mary arrive on a donkey. Sit in the barn where the baby Jesus lies in his manger. A timeless, memorable experience for young and old as we bring the story of Christmas to life for you.

Each performance lasts approximately 90 minutes. To buy tickets visit:

Rota Vigil Mass4pm Cranleigh
WelcomersGeorge & Helen RTbc
1st ReadingWin BTbc
2nd ReadingJames O’FTbc

Jim G

Jane R

Jane P

Rosie S





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