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Dear Brothers and Sisters

In this newsletter you will find a report from the Parish Finance Committee on the Parish Financial results for 2016.  This is a more detailed version than the one which appeared in the newsletter last week and also this week.  Please read it in time for the AGM which will be announced shortly.  You will also find a report from the Missio Organiser – Fran Pickett.  What with your Sunday papers, rolling TV news on 6 channels, the demands of children and work it’s a lot to get through.  I’m sorry that it all seems to come at once.  But it does – that’s life.  Navigating our way through the complexities of life is a skill that we need to learn and adapt to.  What we find is that we can only do so much – well I do anyway – and then we need a strategy to sort the wheat from the chaff – the things that last from the things that are ephemeral and not worthy of too much attention.  It’s hard to see what to do sometimes.

But there is a way of seeing which is formed by prayer and silence.  The prayer opens up our lives before God in a truthful way – or it should do anyway.  Our prayer should be truthful – this is me and how I see things at the moment and this is all the stuff I’m dealing with and these are all the people, situations, and problems that concern me, and these are the things I am trying to celebrate and find joy in.  God wants to hear about them all.  In fact he needs to hear them from us in order to send us His grace which will then transfigure our lives in hope, joy and peace.  But, after having unloaded all this onto God we need to make some space for it all to settle.  This is the silence.  In the silence we begin to see and hear differently and then to think and act differently.  We need stillness, often, to make silence work and so stillness and silence are two friends – especially in our overheated world where the soundbite, repetitive rolling TV, constant activity have become the norm.  In last week’s gospel and this week’s two people receive something from Jesus that they couldn’t have done if they hadn’t stopped and taken the time to share their need with Him.  Take some time with Jesus – that’s what Lent is for – and use what you see and hear to ask for grace to change your lives.  That’s what repentance involves – a turning towards Jesus.  When we turn ‘towards’ we necessarily leave stuff behind us – and then we discover that we didn’t really need or enjoy most of that anyway.  It didn’t bring us life.  Jesus does.

With my love and prayers  Fr David

Dcn Roy’s Ordination to the Priesthood! – Bishop Richard has formerly called Roy to Ordination to the Priesthood during this Eastertide.   The Ordination will take place on Friday 26th May at 7pm in the Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Philip Howard, Arundel.
Coaches have now been arranged to transport people to Roy’s Ordination.  Leaving from Bramley and Cranleigh they will take us directly to the Cathedral and drop us off – picking up again after the reception.  You should reserve your place now!  The cost is expected to be about £10 per person.  The sign up forms are in the porches of the churches.

Deacon Roy (then Fr Roy!) will celebrate his first masses with the parish on Saturday evening of the 27th at Cranleigh followed by a parish reception and at Bramley at 9am on the Sunday morning followed by a little party as well.  I hope as many of you as possible will attend and support Roy in this new and exciting ministry of service to the Church.

Parish 2016 Financial Results
The Parish’s general (unrestricted funds):

■      For the year 2016 the parish report a surplus (income greater than expenditures) of £ 8,500.

■      We experienced more than a 5% drop in overall income year on year and a noticeable drop in offertory giving of 20% in the second half of the year compared to the first six months.

■      We were disciplined on spending with 2016 expenditures below 2015 levels and under the 2016 budget.

The Cranleigh Parish Room

■      We have spent £ 303,000 since the inception (2014) of the project. Spending is complete.

■      Income raise since 2014 is  £104,000 and an additional £101,000 of parish surplus contributed to the funding of the project

■      As of 31 December 2016 we have an overdraft of £98,000. Based on current income levels we will pay down the overdraft in 2019 (within the timeline agreed with the Diocese).

■      Financial priorities for 2017 are to increase the parish offertory to avoid the risk of a deficit in 2017 and to ensure we are on track with fundraising to pay down the overdraft within the agreed timeline.

Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage – If you were inspired by Katie’s wonderful talk about the benefits of joining the pilgrimage to Lourdes, now is the time to apply to join!

Go to to apply on line or call 01403740110 to request an application form.

New Offertory Gift Aid envelopes for the next tax year are available to those who pay by envelope.  If you haven’t yet received your box of envelopes please collect from Trish Ellis after Mass.

Parish Lent Reconciliation Service

Will be held THIS Sunday, the 26th, at 3pm in the afternoon. The venue is Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind, Cranleigh. I hope to have additional priests available to hear confessions and offer absolution.  For First Holy Communion children and their families I have tried to avoid the Easter holiday season from school.  Please make use of this opportunity.  Also don’t forget that I am available after each weekday mass, before the Vigil Mass, and at any convenient time by appointment.  My number is the same as the parish office. 272075

Parish lunch – Please join us for a home-cooked meal on Tuesday 28th March at the Bramley Parish Room after Mass. There’s a sign up sheet in the porch at Bramley or please call Bev (892 712) or Dinah (892 634) to book a seat. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stations of the Cross and Soup Lunch at

12noon in Bramley on each of the Saturdays of Lent, from 11th March to 8th April inclusive.  Please contact Bridget Eacott (Tel 892406).

Stations of the Cross at Cranleigh JCROM will be held each Wednesday during Lent at 10am as had last year.   Stations start Wednesday 8th March.  All are welcome.  Please telephone Helen on 01483 277395

Get Crafty and raise funds for the Church!  Come along to the Community Meeting Room between 7pm and 8:30pm this evening Saturday 25th March and make Easter or even some last minute Mother’s Day cards. No experience needed! All materials and full instruction will be provided. Entry is free, but a donation for each card made would be welcome.

Come And Meet Each Other – Ladies of the Parish of Cranleigh and Bramley are meeting at Lemongrass, in Cranleigh on Tuesday 28th March at 7.30pm. Please contact Katie Moran (on behalf of CAMEO) 01483275035 / 07775628498 /

BOOKS AND BUNS – There will be a sale of good books in the Bramley Parish room after the 9:00 o’clock Mass on Sunday April 9th. Most will be priced at £1. Buy 3 and get another 1 free!
If you buy a book you will also get a Hot Cross Bun and a cup of tea or coffee. Contact Ann Smith 07795608823,

REAL EASTER EGG 2017 CAMPAIGN The aim of this campaign is to ensure that families have an option to buy an Easter egg which tells the Gospel story, champions Fairtrade and makes a contribution to charity. The Real Easter Egg is the only one which has a copy of the Easter story on the box, is made of Fairtrade chocolate and makes a donation to charity from sales. Most of the big supermarkets now stock them. Please refer to for more information.

Meeting the real Palestinians – 7:30pm Wednesday 5 April In the Parish Room, Cranleigh

Following a 3-week trip to Israel/Palestine in November and December together with their current month-long visit, Tim & Mayonne Coldicott are returning to Cranleigh to share their latest experiences and news.

They want to share what they have learned about ‘the other side’ of Israeli society – the Jewish critics of the Government – as well as the ‘forgotten Palestinians’ – those who live in Israel as Israeli citizens.

On the November visit they also focused on the Bedouin citizens of Israel living in the Negev, as well as the villagers living in the South Hebron Hills of the occupied West Bank.

They spent time with staff and students of the National Polytechnic University of Palestine in Hebron, which provided them with some ideas about how Palestinian youth see their future.

Combining these sources, Tim & Mayonne want to share with you some ideas they have about different paths forward for the peoples of this land.  Please join us to celebrate the motivation of young people to make the most of their chances and the courage of inspirational activists who risk social exclusion, arrest and imprisonment in their work for human rights.

This meeting has been arranged by the Parish Justice & Peace Group. All parishioners and friends will be very welcome.

Easter Craft Morning

Wednesday 5th April at 10am at the McGuiness house.

As part of their Lenten Talent the McGuiness family are hosting various craft activities to keep your children busy in the holidays.   £3 per child and coffee and biscuits will be available to the parents/carers.  Numbers are limited so please email


The extremely popular ENCOUNTER programme for young adults (18-30) is now running in Guildford, and the next event will be on Sunday 26th, 7pm, at St Joseph’s Church. Niall Farrell will be the guest speaker. For those who haven’t been to ENCOUNTER before, it’s totally free. There is food, music, friendly people, adoration, and an inspiring talk. It’s a great way for Catholic young adults to network and deepen their faith. For more information, search ‘Catholic ENCOUNTER’ on Facebook.


On 14th April Good Friday the Churches Together Walk of Witness starts at 10.30am from St Nicholas Church and processes to Stocklund Square.

At 3pm at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind there is Liturgy of the Passion of the Lord.

At 8pm at Jesus Christ Redeemer of Mankind there is a Tenebrae Ecumenical Service.

All are welcome to these services.

The Cleaning and Decorating Team need your help to ensure the Cranleigh Church looks ready for the Easter Services.

Please let the office know that you can join on Saturday 15th April at 10am.
Many hands make light work.


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