14thSunday of Ordinary Time – 8th July 2018

14thSunday of Ordinary Time – 8th July 2018

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Times of Mass and Devotions
X 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time X
Sat 7th Cranleigh 6.00pm Vigil Mass  
Sun 8th Bramley





Parish Mass and Picnic

People of the Parish
Tues 10th Cranleigh 10.00am Requiem Mass for Helen Tyson  
Wed 11th Cranleigh 7.00pm Mass – St Benedict Forristal Family
Thurs 12th Bramley 10.00am Mass  
Fri 13th Cranleigh 10.00am Mass  
X 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time X
Sat 14th Cranleigh 6.00pm Vigil Mass  
Sun 15th Bramley




Sung Mass


People of the Parish
The Divine Office – 20 minutes before weekday Masses.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – 1 hour before weekday masses

Confessions – Saturday after mass and 5pm, Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 10.30am or by appointment at any time

Parish Prayer Group – 2nd & 4th Monday 9.15am and Thursday at 8pm – see website or notice board for details


Special Collection for the Apostleship of the Sea this Sunday, not Gift Aid.


Dear Brothers and Sisters

In the final chapter of Matthew’s Gospel it is written: ‘But all this has taken place, so that the scriptures of the prophets may be fulfilled.’  (26: 56) The “all this…” was Jesus’ arrest, trial and execution.  So we see that one of the best ways to understand who Jesus is and why he did what he did and said what he said is to take a close look at the scriptures of the Old Testament – and especially the prophets.  All the prophets!

One of the great mysteries of St Mark’s Gospel is Jesus’ self-reference as the “Son of Man.”  Some people I have read in the past explain this as being a reference to him being an “ordinary sort of guy” – nothing special – just like everyone else.  But that explanation doesn’t wash, in my opinion.  For a start it’s such a unique title and its usage very unusual.

But, back to the prophets!  If you read very carefully the first reading from the Prophet Ezekiel – Bingo!  There is this strange expression.

Ezekiel writes, “The spirit came into me and made me stand up, and I heard the Lord speaking to me. He said, ‘Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites…

This seems to me to be a very clear instance of Jesus not only picking up a theme from Jewish history and making it his own but seeing the very words spoken to Ezekiel as being for his own time and personal to him.  He is the Son of Man chosen by God and sent to the Israelites.  This also explains why Jesus saw his mission as being to the “lost sheep of Israel” – Matthew 15:24. He needed to call them back to their first love and to their first relationship with Yahweh.

The other interesting thing about the prophets and the Old Testament is that none of them had what we might call long careers.  Speaking truth to power (for that is the role of prophecy) never wins you friends and this explains why Jesus knew that Jerusalem would be his end – the goal of his ministry to the people of Israel.

But Jesus also knew another prophecy – that after three days he would rise again and now his mission would no longer be only to the Israelites but to the whole of humanity and creation.  This he would, and will, achieve through his Church to whom he has promised to be with “until the end of time”.  I believe him and I hope you do too.  He calls all of us to make known the message of eternal life.

With my love and prayersFr David

Please note there will be no Mass in Bramley on Tuesday 10thJuly.  Instead there is a Requiem Mass in Cranleigh at 10am.

The Bramley Parish Room will be closed

from 16th July for a week. This is due to redecoration of the main room, hallway and toilet. These rooms will not be available for use during this time. The office room will not be included and will be available, if required, for use during that week.

First Holy Communion CoursePlease note you are able to register interest for your child to attend the next First Holy Communion course to the Parish Office.    Once all interest has been received a letter will go to those registered inviting them to a parents session.


In 2016 we secured a grant of £9,600 from a Christian charitable trust to enable Fr Conway at the Barpello Mission to start a herd of special cattle with a high milk yield to provide milk for the students at the Mission school and some of the surrounding primary schools. The objective was to help improve the nutritional content of the students’ and children’s diet and to replace the expensive powdered milk which they had to rely on. The £9,600 included not just the cost of the animals but transport, veterinary fees, building the secure cattle pens, the purchase of initial fodder, etc. However, the project had to be delayed because of the severe and continuing drought at the time. I am glad to be able to tell you that the project is now up and running.This is in fact the initial part of the project and part two will come when the number of cows can be increased to enable the greater milk yield to be shared with the some of the surrounding primary schools. Patrick refers to the herd consisting of three cows and three calves. There is also a breeding bull to be purchased which Fr Conway said will follow this first stage.


  1. Introduction

Barpello High School isin East Pokot District, Rift Valley Province, North of the equator and Lake Baringo. Its geographical co-ordinates are 36 degrees 5 and 36 degrees Longitude and 0 degrees10 and 1 degree 40 North Latitude. We are situated in remote and isolate community away from the towns. Our environment is safe and conducive for learning. Its inter-ethnic school with students from most tribes of Kenya. Currently we have 760 students who board in the school most who come from very poor background. It’s therefore a difficult task to provide their basic needs when fees payment is very low. The dairy herd project is timely and has come along way to ensure sustainability of the school. Our herd consists of three cows and three calves. Every day we get approximately 30ltrs of milk for preparing tea for students and staff, this has greatly eased the burden and high cost of buying powder milk which goes for KSHs 18,000/= per 25kgs bag and only lasts for one week.

We have planted plenty of grass for our herd. We are also harvesting and storing for drought seasons.

Project Objective

Access to food and maintenance of adequate nutritional status to our students and staff through provision of quality and sufficient food requirement that satisfy their dietary needs

Reduce the cost of running the school and enhance sustainability especially with the increased population of the school

Project impact

We believe that the Back Bone of the Pokot economy is in our current, future and past educated youth. It is in the educated youth that there will be a positive change and a leap into the future. Education will eradicate this poverty among the marginalized.

Since the school is integrated and lives harmoniously with communities around the school locals will benefit through cross breeding of their local breeds with our improved bulls hence increased production, this will impact on their social and economic status at household levels.

The school curriculum is offering Agriculture class therefore our students benefit through practical lessons with the dairy herd thus improve their performances

Lessons learnt

Provision of adequate level of nutrition to livestock is very important. Therefore we have maintained regular supplies of feeds and water at their disposal. We have established feeds reserve for the drought period so that we don’t experience feeds shortages.

High production is determined by good animal husbandry thus our herdsmen have received training and capacity building on how to feed the cows with other supplements like concentrates and multi-nutrients blocks

We have also ensured that we have a secure living environment with adequate protection from prevailing climatic conditions, predators and physical risks to our herd.


On behalf of Barpello High and Pokot communities we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued and generous support towards this noble project that will enhance and improve the lives and dignity of our students and staff.

God Bless Abundantly

On Behalf of;

Fr. David Conway                                          Charem Patrick

Parish Assistant

The Catholic Parish of St. Edmund’s, Godalming is looking for a part-time Parish Assistant to work initially 10 hours a week, administratively supporting the Parish Priest and his renewal team. Good administrative and organisational abilities are essential together with a capability of working with computers and digital communications. Knowledge of the Catholic Church would be a great advantage in this role as well as experience of working with people in a religious or pastoral setting. There is the expectation that in the future the number of hours worked will increase by mutual agreement. The hourly rate will be £10 – £12 per hour. For a job description and the details of how to apply please e-mail stedmundschurch@outlook.com. The closing date is Monday 9th July 2018.

St Cuthbert Mayne

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant/s (ELSA) with Learning Support Assistant and Lunchtime Cover

Term time only, Monday to Friday, 8.40 am to 3.15 pm.  Salary S3 £16,334 – £17,866 FTE, Actual £11,675 – £12,770  FLEXIBLE WORKING CONSIDERED

The Governors of the School are seeking a person to work with a happy and committed team, to start in September 2018.

The successful candidate will work under the supervision of the SENCO, class teacher and provide lunchtime cover.

For further information please contact the Headteacher via the School Office. Closing date Monday 2nd July at 9am Interview date to be confirmed.

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  The successful candidate will be required to carry out an enhanced level clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

I’m looking for the person who is currently using Gift Aid envelopes numbered 132.  This box of envelopes has been picked up from Cranleigh church porch and the envelopes are currently being used to make donations to the offertory.  The box was not picked up by the “registered owner” of envelopes numbered 132.  If you find you have this box of envelopes please get in touch with me so that I can properly sign you up to Gift Aid and provide you with your own box of envelopes and a new number.

Please contact Trish Ellis – by telephone 01483 271314, mobile 07835 452898 or email trish@charters.eu.com.  Thank you!

Peer Support Group for anyone facing depression or similar mental health concerns in Guildford, every Wednesday evening, 7.30 – 9pm,at The Spike Community Centre, Warren Road (next to St Luke’s Surgery and St Luke’s Square), Guildford, GU1 3JH.  Hosted by PeerTalk, a charity underpinned by the Methodist Church, it offers a friendly and confidential space to share and be heard.  No need to book.  Just come along.  More info at www.peertalk.org.uk/index.php/support-groups

Sea Sunday – 8th July: Sea Sunday is when we have the opportunity to remember and pray for seafarers, their families and all who support them. On Sea Sunday Catholic Churches around the UK take up a second collection with all funds raised going to the Apostleship of the Sea to support our work. It is a day of remembrance, prayer and celebration, and an opportunity to think about and thank those seafarers who work tirelessly throughout the year bringing us goods we often take for granted.

Bishop Richard invites you to join him for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin with the Holy Father, Pope Francis: 21-26 August 2018 sees the arrival of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland. The Diocese is making the most of this wonderful opportunity by organising a pilgrimage for those who would like to attend. It is open to families of all shapes and sizes, from tiny tots to Grandparents. We will be staying together in Dublin City University accommodation and travelling to events together by coach. A three day congress will be followed by a Festival of Families and a Solemn Eucharistic Celebration with Pope Francis.
If you would like more information about the event visit www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/
If you would like to join us on pilgrimage, please speak to your parish priest about how he can support you financially, and for a booking form. Alternatively you can contact Lizzie or Katherine of the Diocesan Pastoral team wmof2018@dabnet.org

Click-to-pray app: The Jesuits in the UK have produced this very useful app which you can use to download a daily reflection for use in your prayer life. It is especially helpful for commuters. You can find it on www.clicktopray.org.

Loving God’s Creation

The Southern Region Order of Franciscans Secular warmly invite all those with a ‘Franciscan Heart’ to a Celebration at Holly Barn, Wintershall Estate, GU5 0LR on Saturday 11th August 10.30-4.00pm.   Invited speakers: Dr Martin & Rev Margot Hodson will present Climate Change: A Christian Response.  Please let us know if you are able to join us in this celebration and for directions to Holly Barn.  Bring a packed lunch … tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided.  Contact Jennie McManus – sjenniemcmanus@gmail.comTel 01483 203642

 Ride+Strideis a great initiative by Surrey Churches Preservation Trust, part of a national network dedicated to helping churches in need.  The annual Ride+Stride takes place on Saturday 8th September, with the aims of raising money for church restoration & repair and having a fun day out.

Participants – both cyclists and walkers – ask friends and colleagues to sponsor them with an amount for every church they visit on the day. As an additional perk, many of these churches offer visitors delicious refreshments and an opportunity to look around.

The money that is collected through sponsorship is then divided into two. Half goes to the church of the cyclist’s choice; the other half is retained by the Surrey Churches Preservation Trust for distribution to churches in need. In the dozen or so years that Ride+Stride has been running in Surrey they have raised over £250,000 for the county’s churches.

Ride+Stride is a fun way to spend time on a pleasant afternoon in September while at the same time supporting a very worthy cause. Why not make up a group and join in this year?

For further information please visit the Surrey Churches Preservation Trust website.

We are grateful to the Surrey Churches Preservation Trust for their kind support of the Guildford Cathedral Appeal. 

Closure of DABCEC Bookshop:The DABCEC Bookshop has ceased trading to the general public.  Parishes will still be able to order some material (sacramental programmes, course materials, Bibles, Hymnals etc.) by contacting bookshop@dabnet.org.  Advice about material and suppliers can also be obtained by contacting the same email address.


Rota Vigil Mass 9 – Bramley 11 – Cranleigh
Welcomers Nick & Fran Marie Whalley

Sandra Hyde

Mass at Picnic
1st Reading David Penson Eileen Koblintz Emanuel Martins
2nd Reading Patrick Bergin Paul Lepki

Maureen Shine

Kirsty Kay-Russell
EMHC Jim Glynn

Jane Penson

David Tyler

Win Bracking

Chris Houston

Christina Wyllie

Jane Harding

Mark Reed

Bev Reed

Stephen Rockhill

Dee McMahon

Val Miles

Paul McMahon

Linda Collins

Pat Scully


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