14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 9th July 2017

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 9th July 2017

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Dear Brothers and Sisters


Two things I wanted to share.  The first is about a parish outing on Our Lady’s birthday in September to Canterbury – a short pilgrimage really in which we can enjoy mass in the cathedral crypt by the Shrine of Our Lady Undercroft and visit the site of the martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket and enjoy the rest of the cathedral before going into the town for some lunch and shopping before returning home in the evening.  We will travel by a comfortable, air conditioned, coach and so there should be no M25 nightmares to contend with.  If you are interested please sign up online at our parish website.  The cost for travel should be just over a tenner each.
Secondly.  I would like to share with you a small adaptation of the church sanctuary which I hope will help a lot of people.  I plan to move the Ambo (where we read the Holy Scriptures from) back a few feet and slightly to the side and remove the rather awkward plinth it stands on.  This will enable people sitting or, especially, kneeling on the south side of the church (adjacent to the Lady Chapel) to have an unimpeded view of the altar during Mass.  Also, those reading from the ambo will not have to contend with the plinth which is unnecessary and makes incensing the Gospel Book very awkward.  The design of the Ambo will remain unchanged and we will make do with the carpet by patching it so that we will hardly notice the move at all.

And to this week’s scriptures.  I wonder – would you describe yourself as an “open” person?  Are you open to new ideas and discoveries?  Or are you cautious and self-reliant not trusting anything to anyone unless you have tested it yourself first?

In the gospel for today Jesus contrasts those who, through their self-reliance and knowledge, have obstructed or denied who He is and the Kingdom he brings with those others who, like “mere children” have learned to open their minds and, above all, their hearts to Jesus.  The Greek word Jesus uses which is translated as “mere children” is literally the “wordless ones” – i.e. those who have not learned how to express their own thoughts and ideas because they are so childlike.  Jesus indicates that it is such as these who have had the Kingdom revealed to them.  This suggests very strongly that it is precisely in letting go of self and in being “yoked” to Jesus that we discover the hidden secrets of God, the Father.  The same secrets of the inner life of God which Jesus is now revealing in his minis-try and teaching.

It is hard for intelligent, self-reliant, individuals to let go of all the learning and knowledge which wins us praise and admiration from friends and colleagues and to allow ourselves to “fall” as it were into God’s hands. God’s reward can seem so far away and far off and the praise and admiration of another is so immediate and present.   However, Jesus reveals that it is only in being “yoked” to him that we will find eternal life – i.e. a sharing in God’s Trinitarian life of love and grace.  The question for all of us is how do we let go of the world and all it offers, even though so temporary and allow ourselves to fall under the life giving “spell” of Christ?

With my love, your priest, Fr David



Picnic on the Common from 12 noon opposite the Baptist Church.

All the Churches in Cranleigh are getting together for a picnic in the park on the common on Sunday 16th July.  Please support this event and come and meet our brothers and sisters in the Methodist, Baptist, and Anglican churches of our village.  Hopefully a lovely day, please bring food and drink for your own family and friends and be prepared to share!  Also, some games might be an idea.


‘Vale” at the end of July – Fr Roy

As most of you by now know; I have been appointed as priest to the Catholic Parish of Guildford. This will take effect from the first week in September following a break in August. There I shall be taking the place of Fr Alan Sharpe, he by then having moved to Billingshurst. I shall be joining Mgr Tony Barry as the new Moderator, Canon Colin Wolczak having moved to Hove, and Fr Sebastian Paul who remains there.

I mentioned at Mass last week, that I received recently a final part of your so very kind collection for my Ordination. I wasn’t aware that this was coming so, as you can imagine, I am very grateful, surprised and humbled by your kindness. Altogether, taken with what you gave me when I departed for St John’s Seminary nearly a year ago and my subsequent Ordination Mass, this runs into four figures, which is amazing!

Together with all your love, prayers and gifts, that is a wonderful note on which to leave the Parish on at the end of this month. (July)

I have truly enjoyed my time with you all in Cranleigh and Bramley these past nearly seven years, and will treasure all the memories. You will remain in my prayers. Please continue to pray for me as I start on this next phase of my ministry.

With all the tumultuous events of these past two years, since my Hilary went on ahead of me, and with my Bus Pass in my hand, I am now ready for a quiet lie down in a darkened room! Somehow, I don’t think I shall afford that in a busy parish like Guildford. So!  Onward and upward, not much time left, so I had better get on with it! God, bless you all.  Your friend, Fr Roy


RIP Sr Francesca, a Presentation Sister who used to live at Bridge Road and was very involved with parish visiting has died. Please remember her in your prayers.


There will be reduced Parish Office Hours during School Holidays

Messages can be left on email or voicemail.

The office will be open as follows:

Thurs 27th July 8.45-4.45 and Fri 28th July 8.45-11.45

Thurs 3rd August 8.45-4.45 and Fri 4th Aug 8.45-11.45

Thurs 10th Aug 8.45-4.45 and Fri 11th Aug 8.45-11.45

Thurs 17th Aug 8.45-4.45 and Fri 18th Aug 8.45-11.45

The Office will be closed weeks beginning

21st and 28th August

and will reopen on Tuesday 5th September with full hours

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Dog Sitter Needed – A parish family are away from 24th-28th July and the dog sitter has let them down last minute!  Their small dog Roxy is 11 – hates cats, dogs and tolerates young children but cannot go into a kennel.  She needs lots of cuddles and attention.  Would you or someone you know be willing to look after Roxy for a fee?  Please contact the Parish Office to be put in touch.


Day of Reflection for Readers led by Bishop Richard: at The Sacred Heart Church, Cobham, KT11 1AA, on Saturday 16th September. 11 am to 4 pm (packed lunch needed).  Talks on the Scriptures, the Lectionary and its use in the Liturgy, the Liturgy of the Word, preparing to read, using microphones. Lectio Divina.  Mass.  Booking is essential as places are limited.  To book contact ruth.gerun@dabnet.org 01293 651164.


SABP Department of Pastoral and Spiritual Care are running a Free 10 week evening course exploring Mental Health issues in Pastoral & Spiritual Care at the

EDUCATION CENTRE, FARNHAM ROAD HOSPITAL, GUILDFORD GU2 7LX September 13th to November 22nd, no meeting on 25th October. 6:30 – 9:00pm

If you, or anyone in your community, are interested in finding out more please request an application form. Richard.adams@sabp.nhs.uk 


Annual Formation Day for Grandparents:

Thursday 21st September, in the beautiful setting of Worth Abbey, from 10 am to 3 pm (packed lunch needed) Fr Stephen Ortiger, and Elizabeth O’Shea, Parenting Expert, will explore how Grandparents can support their Grandchildren in dealing with their perceptions of failure.  No charge but donations welcome to cover costs. Please book by contacting Rosie on 01293 651161. rosie.read@dabnet.org


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