11th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 17th June 2018

11th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 17th June 2018

By In Newsletter Blog On June 14, 2018

This weekend we welcome Fr Kevin Dring – Pastoral Director of the Seminary to celebrate Mass.   Fr David and Helen are having a weekend break.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Sometimes, when I think of the task facing the Church of today, I can feel myself lose heart a bit.  I don’t mean that I give up, it’s more like a feel myself checked, and, pausing, asking myself whether everything will, after all, be alright. Occasionally I have felt mass to be a bit ‘flat’ and have accused myself of not making a very good job of preaching or have fumbled my words and then find myself asking whether it was like that for others too. Am I losing my resolve?

It is certainly true that the Church is going through challenging times and has lost a great deal of prestige and influence over the last few decades.  The Church is no longer at the centre of our national cultural life but somewhat sidelined. If we like the idea of our faith, our church, being at the centre; being what others share and understand and hold dear then this can seem very challenging indeed.

But, in circumstances like these, I am reminded of what Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta told Malcolm Muggeridge when he gently chided her on not having much of an effect on the numbers of people dying daily in squalor in Calcutta (Mumbai).  Blessed Teresa is reported to have said to him in reply “Aah!  You’ve got it all wrong, young man!  You see, God didn’t ask that I be successful – but that I be faithful”

We are undoubtedly entering into a period of challenge and also what may seem to many to be decline.  Certainly, numerical decline.  However that does not necessarily mean that we have, then, to re-invent the Gospel in order to appeal to the ‘many.’ According to Mother Teresa’s understanding what is being asked of us, as we think of a new evangelisation, is also a new faithfulness.  Faithfulness to what?  Or who? To Jesus.

The opening prayer asks, once again, for the help of God’s grace. Grace to help us be more faithful – the actual word is ‘resolve’ – and by being more faithful and full of resolve to do something.

To do deeds.    What might those deeds be?

I think that we can draw an analogy from today’s gospel.  We are being called to prepare the ground for the Sower to sow His seed.  The seed of the Gospel and of faith.  When we talk to people and give an account of the hope that is within us we may not see much change in the other person.  We might even experience ridicule.  But we may have prepared that person’s soul to receive another Word – the Word who is Christ and, like the Farmer and his mustard seed, that seed of the Word may grow while no one notices until suddenly it is right there before us.  How many of us realise that our words, our actions, our prayers, our kindness and acts of reconciliation may be working all the time but quietly and unnoticed in our world which demands instant everything?  Grace is like that.  In our prayers let us ask for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, and of grace, to plant in men’s and women’s hearts the desire for a ‘certain something’ they are not sure they want but need so badly.  Jesus and the Gospel.

With my love and prayers.  Fr David

Car Parking

As I mentioned last weekend at Mass the School, St Cuthbert Mayne, is having work done in the playground to fit hard play equipment to benefit the children’s play experience and learning.
I am asking for teams of stewards to be set up and have a meeting planned for Tuesday the 19th June at 7.30pm.  This will be the Parish Meeting Room at Cranleigh.At this time we have not got the stewarding in place to supervise the playground when we use it.  This means that I have reluctantly decided that we cannot use the playground for parking.
If you are a user of the car park, and are interested, or willing to be a part of the Stewarding Teams please come along to the meeting.  Without the stewards we will not be able to use the playground as a car park and that will mean that we will not be able to welcome people properly to Mass.  Please think about this request.

The Parish Picnicis planned for Sunday 8th July at the beautiful gardens of Trish and Peter Lebus in Shere.

Suggested arrival by 10.30am with Mass at 11am and a picnic to follow.  Please bring enough food for your family and something to share.    Best cake will be judged in time for dessert.

The Address is Vachery Hook Lane, Shere, GU5 9QQ

There is lots of parking and everyone is welcome to enjoy a shared picnic.

Friday 29thJune is a Holy Day of Obligation with Masses in Cranleigh at 10am [including St Cuthbert Mayne School] and Bramley at 8pm

Dear Follower up the path!

This is just to say that after 28 years (0ctober 2000) we are changing the time of our monthly Stations of the Cross walk from St Francis Chapel, from 7 am to 8 am…..starting as we began on Friday 4th October.

Please would you be so kind as to tell anyone you might know or would like to come, that this will be the revised time and we will certainly continue thus if the timing is popular.

You might be interested to know that never ever has a First Friday of the Month been missed over the years, albeit rain, sun. Or snow ….. Or be the group large or very small!

Thank you so much for your endless and wonderful support, and we look forward to seeing you and anyone you wish to bring, in the future.   Please inform your Parish as we are always welcoming new Priests, Vicars or religious to lead us (or indeed yourselves). Please keep in touch!  All love and blessings.  Peter and Ann Hutley

Gaudete et Exultate

There are a few copies of Pope Francis’s latest exhortation left.  I hope that you will buy them and, more importantly, read them!  They cost £4.95 each – that is about the price of a glass of wine or a pint of beer at the Onslow these days!  Read this over a pint and absorb what the Pope is saying about our faith.  Be holy as the Lord your God is holy.  Read this!

The coach trip to the English Martyrs Catholic Church in Worthing will take placed on Friday 20thJuly departing Cranleigh around 10am with Mass to be help in the church.   The cost of the travel will be £10 per person and we already have 15 interested people.

Numbers will be restricted to 29 maximum.   Lunch will be at Harry Ramsdens at the end of the pier and the coach will return in the afternoon. 

Sign up sheets are in both porches or email your interest to office@cpcb.org.uk

Jane Penson would like to thank all those who supported the afternoon tea party last Sunday.   The Grand Total OF £363 was raised which Jane and David are donating to the Parish Meeting Room Fund.   An enjoyable afternoon was had by all and the Parish thanks Jane and David for all they do for our Parish Community.

Parish lunch – the next pariah lunch will be on Tuesday, 26 June in the Bramley parish room. Please let Dinah (271 241) or Bev (892 712 or mark.bev@btopenworld.com) know if you would like to attend. Thank you! 

Bereavement Support in Cranleigh and Bramley Parish.

Bishop Richard recently endorsed his commitment to the laity’s involvement in Bereavement Support in our diocese at a Mass in Crawley where several new people were presented with their certificates for successfully completing this year’s Bereavement Support course run by Katherine Bergin and Cathy Quint.
Fr David is at the moment largely responsible for giving the much needed support at the time of death, helping the bereaved to plan a funeral and offering emotional and spiritual “aftercare”. He is very keen to extend the role of support to the bereaved to include a team of trained support workers who would work with him and provide a comprehensive programme of bereavement support in the parish.
This would build upon what already exists in the parish such as the annual service of   remembrance in November and those who already visit the dying and befriend their families. Support workers are there to walk along beside the bereaved and offer them time to talk through their thoughts and feelings around bereavement if and when they feel the need to do so.
This ministry is one which will develop over time and different elements can be included in the future. There are a few people in the parish who have completed the course but perhaps there are are others who would like to know more about the training. I found the course very thought provoking and extremely worthwhile. If you are interested in finding out more about future courses in our diocese please contact Katherine Bergin at DABCEC.

Rota Vigil Mass 9 – Bramley 11 – Cranleigh
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